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Am I the only person who finds the background music intrusive? I used to look forward to  the peace and tranquility of a garden being included in the programme but last night my nerves were jangling throughout.


one of the reasons I don't watch TV is background music. The other is canned laughter


i must say i am finding it annoying also.. they dont need it.. rather listen to the wildlife than the music myself..


I've never noticed any background music on GW - obviously doesn't annoy me 

I do find it annoying on some other programmes, so it's not my hearing that's at fault either. 


I'm glad we weren't the only ones to notice this in last night's episode (23rd August). In previous propgrammes the music has been much more peaceful, but suddenly it has become very inapprpriate and intrusive


I watched last night - I really didn't notice any music until the end when there was a few seconds of Nigel. 


Have,nt noticed annoying background music on GW,unlike those drums that announce the news programmes on BBC1

Highland Jeannie

Don't get me started!!

Why does a gardening programme (or many other programmes for that matter) need music at all?  Some months ago Beechgrove came from a gardening show & the "background" music was anything but.  I e-mail the co. that makes Beechgrove, as at one point you could barely hear the presenter, also the music was discordant & it really jarred.  I still await a reply.

What's wrong with foliage rustling in the wind or bees on a flower - lovely & tranquil.


I watched it last night which is unusual for me as I normally record it and watch later. Have to agree with Dove and Gilly-didn't really notice it, and I find a lot of programmes irritating because of background 'stuff'.


Just watched, didn't notice background music.


I am usually so busy concentrating on the advice and the colour in the garden that I have not found the background music annoying. And of course, I am waiting to catch the one second flash appearance of Nigel ! Bless


maybe we all notice different things.. i am well aware of music in the background when not needed.. you turn the tv down then have to turn it back up when they talk.. drives me mad.. stop doint it.. please.... just leave te sound of the country for the sound effects.. used to gets birds singin in montys garden.. that is now covered over with music.. stop it!!!



I didn't find the brass music that annoying but im more of a string lover as i play the cello., there was one point when Monty was cutting his hedge that had vocals in that was a bit loud also the music did have a jazz feeling to it.Was this wrong to play such lively music for a gardening program?? I don't know But what do you listen to while you garden. I will listen to chamber music or the local radio




i listen to the bees and the birds and the sounds of the garden..



I love the music Monty was cutting his hedge to!  What a grouchy old bunch you are.  Anyway - what was it - I want to buy it


lol.. i am not grouchy.. but i think music in programmes has its place and some of last weeks show music was bit too much..

Couch Gardener wrote (see)

I love the music Monty was cutting his hedge to!  What a grouchy old bunch you are.  Anyway - what was it - I want to buy it

Canteloupe Island by Herbie Hancock.