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none from me. Go for it Mike.


On the contrary. I'd love to be mentioned. Oh, but I haven't contributed anything on note Will try harder if there's to be a book reference in it


Ha ha Mike.  Anything of mine would have to come under the 'Mistakes to avoid at all costs...' section!


Go for it Mike 


go for it mike i won't get a mention for an answer as i know nothing but maybe one of my probably silly questions may make an appearance?!

David Matthews2

More strength to your elbow/ typing finger(s), Mike! We all give (& take) advice so freely on this site that I feel your measured response and considered opinion is generally well worth attention. If you happen to need any aspect covered by a whole gamut of 'free-range' opinion, just pen a line to us all on the forum site and you're sure of at least five different answers in very short order!! In short: "Go for it!"


Nothing wrong with a good old honest bit of plagerism

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