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A small deep hole about 7cm across has appeared in the soil in my garden. There is no evidence of a mole so I'm wondering what has been burying under the earth.  Has anyone any ideas?

Might be a rat I'm afraid.

Rat does seem te most likely.

Or mouse?
Big hole for a mouse.


Hope it's no a hippopotamus.

Or heffalump
Well, mythical creatures are probably not the culprits! I have intermittent problems with rats, but living in a semi rural area, I've got quite pragmatic about it.
Do you feed birds by any chance? The reason that I'm asking is that spilled bird food can attract rats as an easy source of food.

I fear it is a rat; one year my beetroot did not grow; the neighbours who were watering the garden when I was away working reckoned that it was a rat; same size hole and beetroot apparently do not like the movement of the earth involved with underground rat runs. Near the bird feeders the same sized holes appeared and I'm afraid that I resort to rat poison about once a year - this is where flowers are grown, not veg.


How about a Bee,   I  get those sort of holes every now and then and some of them are right near the patio door so I guess a rat wouldn't dig a hole so close to a human,  a solitary Masonry Bee might be the culprit.

Big bee.

I think a mole.

I've seen several holes around the edge of the my lawn  and thanks to a determined effort with a 'fence' of moth balls, not in the lawn. .

Noticed pots and containers looking wonky and digging around a bit could see that the soil was finely friable. i think it lives under the shed - that's the direction the trail takes, so I let it be. 


Hands was me



What were you looking for Verdun?


Thanks everyone for your replies. I think you may be right about a rat.I do feed the birds and was thinking of putting some dog food out for a hedgehog we found in the compost heap, not a good idea now.


Daisy I hope it isn't a rat but might be wise not to put anything out for hedgehog in the meantime  Putting out too much bird food or doing it too late can be an issue but I have friends who had a problem with a 'ratrun' through their property which was caused by work being done nearby in woodland which displaced the rats into the gardens. It affected several properties and they had to get the council in to organise traps etc. Is it worth checking with neighbours just in case?

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