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Reading the posts today made made me think we should name and shame those companies that shortchange us.  If its true we can do this.  

On the garden front I have had poor service from T & M, Gardening Express and one or two advertisers.  However, I have had either money refunded or satisfactory replacements, albeit after repeated complaints.  


I agree Verdun, we should take this opportunity to name and shame some of the more disreputable companies who bombard us with glossy brochures which when purchased from turn out to be poor value or poor quality.

A witch hunt it would not be, and to share good service and value is beneficial to all, especially when times are tight.

We all take pride in our gardens and work hard to achieve them.

Personal recommendations are always the best form of advertising any company can get.

An informal list of quality suppliers who promote good service and value for money will encourage those who currently do not reach the same standards.

Am I right in thinking that it was  T&M providing the bulbs/plants/seeds for

the Daily Mail's promotion a few weeks back?  If so, I'm a little worried after

reading your posts, as I ordered quite a few spring bulbs etc. from them during

that promotion and although they  cashed my cheque a few weeks ago, I

haven't received anything from them.  Has anyone else used this promotion

and if so, have you received what you ordered?  Would be  very grateful for any



Ring their helpline tomorrow to put your mind at rest.


The plug plants that I bought from T&M this year were very poor. I complained and did eventually get some money back, although it took perseverance. I was also offered a £10 voucher, but I don't really want anything more from this firm.

Well done landgirl, use your voucher though.  Maybe for bulbs?  Whatever?  Then go elsewhere.

 It will get back to these suppliers that we are dissatisfied with them very often and that they will have to up their game

I found J Parkers a nightmare, plants didnt arrive telephoned and had a really rude woman answer the phone who wasnt interested told me to email them - I did to cancel and asked for a credit, received a very curt email reply obviously the company is so well off they dont need customer service.

Re-ordered with TM and had good service....



I finally got to use my converted tesco vouchers yesterday with T & M but it took two emails to Tesco and a complaint on my behalf from Tescos to T & M before, finally, a terribly nice and helpful lady from T & M sorted it out.  It's just a shame she wasn't the lady who dealt with my numerous emails and phonecalls before I resorted to contacting Tescos instead.  I doubt I'll ever deal with them again.  Even the seeds I purchased this year from them had an unnusually low germination rate- including the T & M ones I got free with magazines.  The Mr Fothergill seeds were definitely more successful so I'm now tempted to purchase plugs from them direct too... but, on the whole, the entire online purchasing experience has proven very hit and miss.  There's no disputing the fact that self-grown seedlings and garden-centre purchased plugs have been the stars of my garden this year and anything bought online has had maybe a 1 in 3 success rate.  For instance I had three chinese lanterns from T & M and only one grew, yet the one that has grown is almost terrifyingly prolific. I'm glad now I only have one as it's lovely but virtually weed-like in its self-reproduction so it's hard to tell how T & M even managed to send me two duff ones

The only firm I feel I have to recommend is Roger Parson's Sweet Peas.  Wow.  A 98% sucessful germination and the most spectacular flowers ever.  I caused a real storm in a teacup at my local gardening club by winning with my sweetpeas despite it being my first year of showing... it was all handbags at dawn and my secret weapon had to be the source of the seeds because I definitely can't give any other reason for them being so successful. I  dug out the last of this years sweetpeas last weekend and they were still in bloom even though I had stopped tending them after the summer completely.  And the seedlings for next year are already poking their little heads out of their pots in the greenhouse and it looks like 100% germinationsuccess this time...

Hi Verdun - Just to let you know I received my daffodil bulbs yesterday from

T&M and put them in my garden today.  Apart from one they looked great and

 already showing little green shoots, so will let you know what they come up

like next Spring.  The bluebell bulbs haven't arrived from T&M yet, but they

put a note in with the daffs to say they'd be arriving here's hoping!

That's good news flowersforbees

i tend to think these offers should be viewed like any' so called bargain' with suspicion

i am old fashioned and like to go to the  G C and see what i am getting for my money.


My bluebell bulbs from T & M smelt mouldy.  They looked okay, if a bit damp, but they stunk my car out driving them home (I had them delivered to work).  Funnily enough, on the way home I stopped at Aldi and they had bluebell bulbs on sale for £1  a bag.  So I bought a bag of theirs (dry and not smelly) and have planted both as an experiment.  Who knows? Maybe bluebell bulbs should be damp and smelly rather than dry and smell-free... I'll let you know in the spring


Please, please check that your bluebells are the English native variety and not Spanish bluebells which hybridise with the English ones.


No fear, Welshonion. They are definitely English  (both the smelly bulbs and the not). Because I am on the edge of a National Nature Reserve and most of my garden is a very active fox run, not to mention home to gadzillian squirrels, I am very conscious not to introduce invasive species of any variety.  At least 50% of what I plant ends up digested and who knows where it eventually ends up, if you know what I mean

I do plant in quantities allowing for the theivery of my four-legged neighbours, btw, so I'm pretty laid back about just wandering around the flowerbeds of a morning, popping soil back into the holes dug the night before. 

Life is too short to stress over what can't be changed.



I just cannot believe that T&M won in the 'best mail order and online plant retailer' category, as voted by Sun readers.

Just a quick update to say my native bluebells arrived two days ago (not at

all smelly thankfully!)  Like my daffodils, they already had little green shoots,

so I planted them immediately in my wildflower garden and next Spring I'll

let you know whether they all come up or not.  Maybe I should make a silent

apology to T&M right now.......or maybe I should wait and see what happens





I am pleased they arrived ok, i bought loads last winter but they didnt flower, just made green so i am hoping for a show this year.

Lyn did you get yours from T & M and were they wild bluebells or cultivated?

I'm just wondering as if mine are cultivated bulbs, maybe they won't work

in my wildflower garden as the soil is so poor.