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What is the best method for keeping nastursium seeds and when to sow for next year.


mine have to seed themselves Joseph. But you can let them dry on the plant at the end of the season then harvest and store somewhere dry. In a paper bag or envelope, not plastic. they sweat and rot.

sow in spring, when the frosts are done

Stacey Docherty

They seed themselves in my garden as well.... I have an ace recepie to pickle them and they are a bit like capers!!!


do you do flower buds or green seeds for the caper effect stacey? I've never done that I just eat bit straight off the plant


I just have a jar of pickling vinegar waiting in the kitchen and as the seeds develop to the size of small peas I pick them and pop them in 


Thanks nutcutlet.I will harvest some and leave others to self seed.

I have never tasted nustrurum flowers wonder what they tast like.

As I have many of the flwoers as thsi year I grow them in my tipys pots.

They would look good in spilling posts as well has hanging pots or baskets.

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