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Hi all,

Recently I've started thinking about starting a national collection of Echinacea. a absolutely love them and they have so many plus points!

I wanted some advise really as to how:

1) You go  about starting a collection 

2) What different cultivwoul species it would have to include 

3) If I could do it in my back gardens?

Thanks in advance, Ryan

Hiya Ryan

Ill post more later but I love echinaceas.  They are variable though....some tough some very weak. 

Firstly, why did you choose echinaceas, apart from liking them?  Do you grow many already?  

I have learned over past 3 years or so how to grow some of the new varieties.  I grow or have grown about a dozen or so different varieties with varying success.  Sundown, white Swan, summer sky, sunrise, hot Papya, and some others have survived well.  Others, like vintage wine, tiki torch, arts pride, fatal attraction and tomato soup just withered away.

Have to shoot off but look forward to your comments Ryan


verdun i bought two tomato soup for my hot bed from tatton show, do you think it was cold or wet or both that caused them to wither away i also have flame thrower have you got that and has it survived.

should i take them in to the greenhouse

thank you in advance Ann


Nut - Thankyou, just had a look and it does seem a bit confusing, it doesn't actually tell you how to set one up, or Atleast I didn't acknowledge it :P

Verdun - I chose echinacea because I grow: Purpurea (Magnus and white swan) and echinacea augustifolia - Then there's the amount it helps bees and butterflies, they always look great and they're vibrant and I think my nans garden is the perfect spot to grow them, it's in full sun, free draining soil and is sheltered from wind etc


Don't want to discourage Ryan, but there already seems to be a National Collection of echinaceas.  Why do you not visit it and pick the brains of the man that has it?


There's a lot of work and organisation involved in an NC. More than growing a lot of them. 


Hiya. Tomato soup is quite weak along with many new varieties.  You need to allow them to develop a really good root system before they flower.  I either pot up or grow on in the garden and cut all flowering stems off before mid summer.  Then let them flower.  They also need GOOD soil with plenty of compost in it as well as reasonable moisture.  If I bought echinacea right now I would not plant it out but pot on and keep in GH over winter.  Ironically, if kept too warm over winter some pathogens attack them too.....difficult!

Ryan, those echinaces are fairly hardy and reliable oldish varieties.  Can you simply add to those you  already have without having a national collection?  A new seed raised strain of echinaceas called Chyenne seems promising ....mixture of strong reds, oranges and yellows.  Why not try those?  I've got a couple of them recently.


thanks verdun the plants were good big ones and have been in the garden since july so iwill hope they come through the winter 

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