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I've grown a couple of plants but can't remember what they are and would be really grateful if anyone can tell me what they are.  They started off as just stick like stems but after over 2 years 2 of them have got leaves but nothing else.




The picture is too small to see the leaves clearly.  Can you do a close up of a couple of leaves please?   Are they cuttings, or from seed?

A guess here. Is it a guelder rose?

 Hope this is a better pic

I one a few years ago and was just a stick and thought was a rose but wasn't sure as had it that long and only just started getting leaves on this year, bought another 2 stick ones again but only 1 has got leaves on so far and began to doubt myself of what I'd bought.  Thanks



I suspect it may be a hardy hibiscus so will take another year or two to start flowering.  They can be very late to come into leaf after winter - often late May early June for mine - so don't panic if they leaf up late.

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