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Please help.


My neighbour has sprayed weed killer onto my vegetable patch.  He won't tell me what it is but he has told me that it is stronger than round up.  I am worried that I will never be able to use my vegetable patch again.

I'm not sure what it can be but does anyone know what are the strongest weedkillers you can buy and how long do you have to wait before you can plant any vegetables again?


The title says pesticide.  Is it pesticide or weedkiller.  Was it deliberate?  Was it an accident?  If it was glyphosate, a weedkiller, you can replant immediately.

Why will he not tell you what it is?  Is it a banned product like sodium chlorate?

Is it in your garden or an allotment? Is it a strip or a larger area?

Sorry, there are too many unknowns in your post.

It sounds deliberate. Anyone who did this accidentally would own up, apologise profusely and offer to pay for the plants.


If so then that's Crimnal Damage and should be reported to the police.  But let's not be too hasty - Hopefully Monkey in the Garden will tell us more about the circumstances. 

Yes, monkey in the garden, was this deliberate vandalism or did ??ou ask this guy to spray for you?  It's ESSENTIAL ??ou know what he used, ESP on a veg patch.  

Also as said earlier, was it a pesticide or weedkiller?  Whatever was used its not a good idea to spray whole areas like this unless to initially clear overgrown ground



Or is there a possibility that there was an attempt to clear weed growth on a boundary and wind either blew spray over your way, or it leeched in the soil?

Accidents do happen, especially if someone isn't totally sure of what they're doing 

WHY did he do it ? please explain so you can get the proper response to your question,

as the other contributers have said there are too many ifs and buts,the only weedkillers that I an think of that stay in the soil are sodium chlorate,and pathclear which we use on the gravel, it inhibits germination for about 6months.


Sometimes people use weedkillers etc as part of their jobs (council roadmen, street sweepers etc, groundsmen at factories etc).  They don't necessarily know what it is they're given to use - they just do as they're told - and if they've 'siphoned off a little bit' to use at home, or a relative or friend employed in such a job has given them a bit to help out, they may not realise the real effects!

Well, there's a difference between "he won't tell me" and " he can't tell me". and if "he knows that it's stronger than Roundup" then he knows what it is and is refusing to say.


If it was on an allotment the management committee should be informed.

Trouble is weedkiller takes some time to make its presence known.  Maybe this happened some time ago.

Funny the OP hasn't come back with more information.

Posted at midnight, Welshonion, maybe asleep.

Commercial products are many times stronger than the useless coloured water we have to pay a fortune for.

The stuff farmers and the likes of Greenfingers have access to,work properly and dissappear quickly when they come in contact with the soil!

The easiest way to dispel any worries you have is to scatter some seeds like radish or mustard over the soil and if all is ok you should see them germinate very quickly.

Anyway, good luck!


Still no other information as to te exact circunstances,maybe Monkey has sorted this out with his neighbour,but it would be nice to know.

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