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Hi all, I made some nettle feed this summer,I`ve got over a gallon left over,kept in a closed jar. Does it keep ,or do I need to use it in some way --compost or on the garden ? Many thanks. 

flowering rose

it does keep and I use it the next year while waiting for the next batch ,keep it ina dark area ,i dont cover it ,I use demi jars that i use to use for wine making.

flower that wine must taste awful but i do the same, when i start to use it again i do nettle at first then go to comfry for a bit more potash. wendy im still making it for next year.
good luck

cool just what i needed to know I'm of tomorrow collecting nettle



cg I do not think this is a good time for collecting best time is early spring they still have seeds on them.


Rocoll would the seed still be viable after a few weeks in water? I want to do nettle and comfrey but was wandering about the seeds

addict I tried it last autumn 40gls used it on all my veg beds and am still picking out young nettles.but good for compost bins

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