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It's going really well Gardengirl.

 The fence was finished in time to start planting up. I put in raised beds down one side and planted traditionally down the centre on account that Jerusalem artichokes started popping up in the beds and paths, which will all need digging over again to get rid of the tubers  but I've lots of panels made from pallets to finish the raised beds off over winter. The compost area is still an on going project but I was given two black darliks which are full of muck and leaves to use this autumn.

It's been a huge learning curve. I tried lots of different veggies, mainly stuff I've grown at home but on a bigger scale and mostly sown at home, in modules and transplanted. I haven't quite got the goal to sow direct yet. I'm ever so pleased with the bounty though, if someone had said in February I could have grown this much I would have laughed my socks off.

There was a cherry plum tree on the site which had a very sever prune early in the year with branches sawn off, hasn't fruited for years and produced a bumper crop this year, I've just finished making some apple and plum jam

Two weeks ago I took on another half plot, the plan is to grow fruit bushes and tree's on this came with some treasures... ie a shed, a flagged area(although very over grown) a GH with no glass and I found a funny looking long handled tool with two pronges which was fab when used for lifting brambles onto a bonfire. I also unearthed what me thinks is a small apple tree hiding in the brambles. 

There's quite an array of good guys...I've slow worms on both sites, there's been loads of ladybirds...frogs on the new site...lots of bee's and wasps. happy grower...



I have been watching youtube a 15 part series on allotments and tips

how much space did you have a home for growing?  

I was thinking of an allotment I like looking around them a lot when I go to the shop at the allotments near me

Ps. would love to see pics of yours

sounds like you have been doing well and very busy all good

hollie hock

Sounds like things are going great Zoomer and your plot is really productive already. Your new one sounds fab with all the added extras So much potential, you must be very pleased

Hi Gardengirl, I've got a veg plot for the first time this year and I love it.


Sounds good Hollie hock - I do have veg patch in garden some raised beds it is fun trying to grow things

star gaze lily

Hi hollie hock, good to see you, hope you are well and enjoying your first summer in your new home  look forward to more pics to perv at 

Gg - I've a 6 by 8 GH, grow fruit bushes in a space 1 by 12 - gooseberries, red, white and black currants, then three raised beds for veg growing. 

I always find room for strawberries There's also a herb garden and rubarb growing near the hedge. The rest is lawn and flower beds with a patio area. I also grow blueberries in pots and grew spuds and salad veg in pots.

A friend took some before and after pics and had them developed before deleting  them off her phone. . So can't post any, will take some on my camera and try to up load them. Plot number one was at it's best though in July and alot of stuff has been picked. 


Hi Zoomer44, just reading your post and noticed I put a remark on that I was still on the waiting list. Well, finally got my plot in June and like you, its on a slope and completely over grown but full of weeds and horse tail. I have covered half with tarpaulin/cardboard etc to deal with later and have dug 2 large beds that I have filled with assorted veg. Its going to take a few years adding manure and digging to get the soil clear but that's half the fun. No need to go to the gym!!

We have had peas, beans,tomato ,spuds and fruit. My neighbour has blackcurrant bushes they dont want so I have picked them and made jam and will transplant them to my plot. I have also bough some raspberrys to go in. I was lucky to get a shed and I have installed my walk in fabric green house, put up a few hanging baskets etc and planted some marigolds for a bit of colour. Its amazing how quickly you can transform your patch! Good luck with yours, hope you are enjoying it as much


ginagibbs - sounds like you've made a good start.

Growing on a slope can present some challenges, I was told it was easier starting at the bottom and dig over with the undug part of the slope behind you, you then naturally put weight on the spade as you dig over, just a simple tip but it saves pressure on your back.   

and...if you want gooseberry bushes Aldi are currrently selling red and white bushes at £1.79. 

Currant bush cuttings also take very easy, I took some in 2013, dipped them in rooting powder and put them into a nursery bed at home, they did look dead at the beginning of the year but are now ready to be transplanted


I took my allotment on at the beginning of June and its been hard work so far, but it's already productive and I'm bringing stuff home after every visit  

I've got 3 functional beds, with another half cleared and a bed with strawberries which are all going to come out as the fruits they produced this year weren't very good and I dont know how old the plants are

When i get chance, I've got 4 beds to prep on  the other half of my plot, and the plan for a fruit cage to go in before the end of the year,so busy times ahead but hopefully fun  

 I've managed to down load some pics onto the computer of the plot but can't transfer them onto the thread. I've tried pressing the green tree but it's just loading a red cross onto the screen

hollie hock

My plot is on a slope too. It's work in progress and I'm definately a lot more active because of it!

Didn't have the chance to the work the soil  this year so wondering how to add nutrients this year? The landowner who also grows here says the trouble is everything you put on the ground just runs off!!

It's great being able to grow your own food, didn't think I would love it as much.

Zoomer, don't think I can help on the posting pics, I just checked my green tree and all seemed ok. Maybe some one else to could help, I would love to see you pictures

star gaze lily

Hi hollie hock have left you a message on another thread....perenial seeds.  Sorry can't ever read my PMs

Well done for getting allotments, hope you enjoy them 

how many hours a week do you spend at your plots?


Gg on my first half plot, initially I went down most weekend mornings, when it wasn't raining, for a few hours because there was a lot to do to prepare it for planting. 

 I'm now only going to pick veg/fruit, water in new plants and keep the weeds down. I've been twice this week, in the evenings and will go again, Saturday morning, to pick veg, 4 hours in total this week.

I've found if the ground is well prepared at the start of the growing season and weeding kept on top of with regular weekly visits less time is spent on the plot.  

I want to get my new plot ready sooner, know what I want to do this time and think I know what I'm doing  so weather permitting will spend Sat/Sun morning there, about 6 hours.

I divide jobs up and have several projects on the go - there are too hard to do jobs, which I'll do when I get 'a round toit', like taking down an old shed...hard work jobs, like digging over...not so hard work jobs, like weeding and planting...easier laid back jobs, like sitting back looking at what you've done and planning were beds are going, what you are going to grow, what the plot will look like when the tasks in hand are finished and talking to other allotmenteers.


Do you pay rent for your plot? how much is a typical plot cost?


Hi GG my 1/2 plot cost £50 per year plus £10 for a shed, however I have it free until January as it was so overgrown.

I try and get there about 4 evenings or afternoons a week and spend a couple of hours digging or weeding etc

Mines 30 for half a plot. 

Hi Ginagibbs  great to have your plot free for a while I guess no one was on the plot for a while before - even though waiting list was long

any pics? make sure you take before and after to note down what you have achieved

well done for the effort put into your plot

Do you pay £10 every year for the shed?