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This should be our new garden this time next month, 

It's small, but it's at least three times bigger than we have at the moment, and most importantly private. I think it has potential to be quite the haven!



 Seems silly to be so excited about something so ordinary, but it's the best either of us have had in a long time!


Wonderful blank canvas, I'm sure you'll make it fabulously your own! Can't wait for a blow by blow photo account'll soon get that sorted I'm sure-----just not too much sitting about on that Swing Seat yet

star gaze lily

Looks lovey Sweetpea, a lovely patio for all your pots and where you can both sit and enjoy your new garden. A shed too and a great area to make your own with either plants brought with you or new ones once you've sat and made new plans. Good luck sweetpea, fingers are crossed hope all goes well x

Victoria Sponge

Looks like a great space, SweetPea Lots of potential there I think - How exciting!




Swing seat sadly isnt ours very sad! The house was sold in June, then bought a month ago by a landlord with lots of properties, it's all cleared and finalised and now he's letting it. Quick turn around! He's done nothing to the place because it was in perfect nick when he bought it, canny really! I'll be very happy to live there and put my mark on that though. hoping to have some sweet peas up the fences, scented ones up the shed, or morning glory, not too sure yet, then small simple things in the borders as they're small and narrow, and i've learned my lesson this year by going for big and bold dahlias which are very very much taller than I thought they would be!

Something I love is that the window by the sink looks straight out onto the garden.

Will be keeping the pots we're so accustomed to using now for herbs on the patio area, a little nod to what got us into gardening in the first place

Top of the list to buy is a nice table and chair set before it gets too cold to sit outside with a cuppa.


All the very best to you Sweet Pea. 

If you're lucky you might pick up a bargain on the table/ chair front after the pretty rubbish summer.

Good luck.


star gaze lily

Thats really cute sweetpea, fingers crossed again   nice for warm evenings or even brekkie 


SweetP, that set looks great! ...and that garden has real potential; a couple I know moved on Wednesday and the whole of their garden is covered in thick brambles! You have a fairly blank sheet on which to work and I'm sure you will make it look lovely


It's been well maintained, but not loved, hopefully we can give it a bit of TLC


Well knock me down with a feather SweetPea - I was only asking about you yesterday and here you are 

Sometimes a blank canvas is the best option as you can do what you want. We live in rented accommodation too (Housing Association) and when we moved in the garden was basically long dead grass and thistles. There's such a lot you can do there 

Were you fishy? Where?
It's been a good couple of months since I've been on here.
Looks good sweetpea , all the boring bits like paving have already been done for you, which means more time for plants!

Our patio set was an ex display one, a little damaged, but we got it for 30 quid, i havent looked at your link, but it sounds similar, it sits outside all year and is still going strong years later

on to bigger and better things -good luck


Beaus Mum

Lots of love and luck in your new home and garden sweet pea x hope you keep us posted on how it all goes 



IT's a good time of year to be starting. Still time to get some bulbs in 


Looks fantastic - as you say, a haven in the making

Looking forward to the step by step pics

hollie hock

Lovely plot sweet pea, all of it to come

Woodgreen wonderboy

Hi SP, think long term and be brave enough to rip out anything you don't like, even if it looks as if it hasn't been there long. It's your's now and needs your stamp of authority.Don't be led by other's ideas. Your " blank canvas" is in fact quite a structured layout. Why not sit down and draw out your ideal garden, as if there was nothing there.However if you like the current structure go with that. 

Alan Titchmarsh said a garden design should be a journey, with surprises along the way.Possibly divide your space into "rooms' each with its distinctive character.  And he talked about the rhythm of planting, i.e. repeat things rather than have a multitude of different things.  Less is definitely more in this sort of space.