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star gaze lily

Your first morning in your new home hollie, must be very exciting. Don't know what the weather is like where you are, but I hope your lucky and have the beautiful sunshine like we have this morning.

Enjoy your day. Bet you wander round your new garden. Who knows what spring will bring you may have some surprises appear..

Good luck in your new home and very best wishes for the future hollie. Happy times ahead.x

Best wishes Hollie, it looks and sounds like a fantastic place, hope you will be really happy there.

Hollie, by your photos it looks as if the garden has been loved before.

How exciting to discover what lis in it, both on top and underneath,

And what wonderful views 

hollie hock

Hello everyone, thanks so much for all your kind words when I moved, I still love it!

I feel blessed with a relatively  stable internet connection today so thought I'd show you some pics of how the new garden is coming along




This is going to be the spring bank, at the back there's loads of self sown foxgloves and I think there's going to be some bluebells as well


My ever hungry chooks


My first honesty bloom, gardengirl gave me the seeds and this was dug up and replanted, in fact all of the plants had the same treatment

Managed to get 10 x 8 shed which you can see at the back of the border, got it for free, just had to take it down and reassemble it. I helped with the taking down, left the reassembly to someone else

Also got the chicken coup for free, the run is a bit tatty looking as it was banged together with some palletts and bits and pieces! Chickens don't mind though!



That's all coming together very nicely hollie


star gaze lily

Hi hollie, good to see you, you've worked really hard and its looking great. Love the spring bank. Thank you for sharing 

hollie hock

Thanks nut and lily, can't really believe I've been up here for nearly 6 months already! I would love to take the credit for the hard work but I do have a fabulous helper!

The landowner loves nature so has planted all the trees and shrubs here with wildlife in mind His wife has already given me a very generous clump of snowdrops in the green which have already gone into the spring bank for next year


Glad you've got some snowdrops hollie, they really cheer you up when you've had enough of winter


It's all so exciting - your spring bank will be terrific. Why on earth do people want flat plots as gardens? I've never understood that!

The enjoyment you'll get improving and creating it all will be worth every sore back,cut finger and aching limb Hollie. The views alone are worth their weight in gold  

The chickens look completely at home too!

Busy Bee2

Hollie, whereabouts in the country are you (roughly?)  I thought I recognised the local stone, but then spotted hills and knew you were nowhere near Lincolnshire (unless on the wolds)!!  We used to live in the Peak District, so have gone from very slopey garden to pretty flat, but actually am now negotiating down a gentle slope of wilderness.  Fairy, I think both have their charms and drawbacks.  Wheelbarrowing is much easier nowadays, but a sloping garden is like someone picked it up and tilted it forward so you could see everything. 


Coming along lovely Hollie.

The potty gardener

Everything looks lovely Hollie and you're already planning to make it even better next year. Keep the pics comming as the seasons change.

hollie hock

Thank you all so much, I am very excited about the Spring bank! I'm going to keep adding to it as I go along. Will be adding some honesty and sweet rocket, as I've seen honesty growing wild here. Please feel free to give me suggestions on stuff that's easy to grow from seed and you think would do well.

There is a very large laurel which is to the left  of the picture that is due to be cut back later this year so that should let in a lot more light.

I too love snowdrops nut, when you see them you know Spring is on the way!

Hi BusyB, I live in South Wales, interesting what you say about the stone. This is a very different garden for me. The last one I had was very flat and sheltered. Everything up here seems more difficult as it's uphill, stony ground, windy and  very wet. D. I'ts only really in the last month that there's been any sun on the garden

hollie hock

Also had the thought of maybe sowing yellow some rattle seeds to try and cut down on the grass. I'm assuming that this would also be good for insects?

Busy Bee2

When we lived on high in the Peaks, I had some lovely Welsh poppies, which is probably like telling you to take coals to Newcastle, but my mum loved them and I took her some down to Surrey!  You could always do the blue meconopsis challenge, which does well in Scotland.  In the Peak District my buddleia took off, and I had a lovely orange geum of which I was very fond, and a great cotoneaster around the door.  Obviously, you can't say that it will be the same where you are - only similarity being we were up high, in stoney country.  Might have been completely different.  But those are the plants I remember from those (very happy) days xx


hollie hock

I had welsh poppies that were self sown in my last garden.  Just had a look at the blue meconopsis, lovely colour, really like blues and purples, I like a challenge.

There's some established buddleia already here and I have some geums that I moved last year Brilliant!

Busy Bee2

Maybe there are a lot of similarities between South Wales and the Peak District then!  Today on Facebook I noticed that the only people mentioning sibling awareness day (today) were from South Wales. 

hollie hock

Your might be right BusyB, although I have to confess I have no idea what sibling awareness day is

Busy Bee2

I think it means putting up an embarrassing picture of you and your siblings in the 1970s and saying something nice about them.  As an only child, this is foreign territory to me.  Our (sibling) foster children 'appreciated each other' by whining irritably at one another all morning, while our 'only child' son has worked hard with his foster sister on formulating a brilliant song called 'You don't know my way'.  But to be serious, there does seem to be a fantastic bond between people in South Wales. xx

hollie hock

Hello everyone

Thought I'd post some pics taken a couple of days ago. The main bit of the garden has been more of a Spring/Early Summer show that maybe what I first thought.

It's a North Western facing garden on a hill so have learnt since that I've been here that it doesn't get much sun. In fact the sun is slowly but surely moving off the garden. Will be thinking of that when I plant for next year.

The Spring bank is now full.......unfortunatley of very tall willow herb of some sort! Luckily it has very shallow roots but will have to be pulled up at some point.

This flower patch was were the chicken were


Very lucky to be able to use extra land. Here's the veg patch

 With added flowers

The second patch, I promise there is some veg growing amongst the weeds

 Chickens in their new home and extension in the making


My greenhouse

 The greenhouse walk, mines the one at the top.