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That's all looking very impressive hollie

Hollie, so glad you're enjoying your new garden, and such a lot of work
hollie hock

Thanks both   I love living here and it's such a pleasure to be outside.

Mind you the weeds are pretty impressive! I have pulled out so much speedwell, that's a plant that grows and grows!

The veg plot has been a such a lovely surprise and adventure. I thought I was a flower girl but there is something about picking your own food. Love my chickens too, I'm getting 3 eggs a day from some happy hens


Fab hollie 

Lots of graft but great when it starts to take shape isn't it? Similar weather to me - so loads of things that grow well here should do well for you... 

Chuck us an egg if you've any going spare 


Just caught up with this thread again - its looking idyllic Hollie - so pleased you have settled in to it so well.  You've made a big difference in the time you've been there, and if the weeds are flourishing in the other parts of the garden then its an encouraging sign.  Keep us posted


star gaze lily

Oh wow hollie, you have worked hard. Its looking great. Veg patch looks lovely. I can remember my nan having chickens when I was little. Great to have your own eggs. Do they have names......chickens I mean not the eggs.....before someone says something lol

Looks a lovely place to live hollie so glad you're happy there.


Such a lovely plot you have there Hollie and so glad you are happy and settled in.

All looking excellent Hollie 

hollie hock

Thanks everyoneI'm certainly a lot more active since moving here and I certainly feel a lot stronger physically. I think carrying lots of watering cans up a hill does that to you! I've certainly learnt as much as we put a lot of our selves into a garden, you can take that with you anywhere. A lot of the plants travelled with me,they are sort of old friends now.

The runners are doing really well, so has the beetroot. I had a egg and cucumber roll yesterday and it was the best I've ever tasted.

I have plenty of spare eggs! The girls have done so well. How different fresh eggs taste compared with the supermarket.

I didn't name them, the chickens,not the eggs well apart from one, who is called Corky as she has tail feathers that reminded me of a corkscrew. She is the only one that I can tell apart from the others.I like to think that she is the boss, as I think she  is the that one sleeps in the nest box.

My nan had chickens too,they are great to keep. She had little bantoms at one point  which perched in the trees even in the wildest weather

Thanks everyone



hollie, I'm just packing up your seeds


Lovely to see your doing well with your new garden Hollie

hollie hock

Thank you, it means a lot 

I'm looking forward to getting my exciting seed parcel. Still love growing from seed, it's so much fun growing new plants. Will always grow flowers, but at the moment I'm loving the veg!


Well done Hollie. I'm glad it's all turned out so well. Thank you for the photos and update.


hollie hock

Thanks  B. Lizzie Can't believe how much things can change and grow in a relatively short space of time. So pleased I'm a gardener

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