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hollie hock

Hi everyone, been up to my new place today and took some pictures

The first 2 are from the back door




 The neighbours


 Spot the goats, just about


The view from the drive

I'm very happy and so looking forward to a different life



im sure you are hollie it looks wonderful 


Wow, you'll have a great garden there hollie

hollie hock

I can hardly believe that I'm going to be living there if I'm honest. I feel very lucky


star gaze lily

Oh hollie, it looks beautiful.  Just think what it will look like when you have put your own plants in and made it your own. I would love it. My very best wishes to you for the future, I hope you'll be very happy there  


What lovely views. Good luck with everything.

hollie hock

Thanks both, still feels a bit unreal as it's happened so quickly. It's going to be a great place to live.

Already thinking about plants that might do well there

Highland Jeannie
hollie hock wrote (see)

Already thinking about plants that might do well there

Wind-proof ones!!?? 

Have a great time planning & enjoy the peace & solitude.


Oh Hollie hock - that looks completely and absolutely blissful - now I understand why you grabbed that opportunity - be very happy there 

(And don't forget to let Santa know your new address )


Hollie it's fantastic.  Hope the inside doesn't need too much doing to it.

hollie hock

Not usually awake and/or  active at this time of the morning  but got a busy day ahead. Thanks again for your good wishes, it's going to be brilliant! Already looking forward to sleeping in the complete darkness and listening out for the owls

The inside is good to go, just got to get the hefty bits of furniture in.

star gaze lily

Good luck again holls,  When you're settled don't forget the pics please. Hope all goes well xx

Yes tell santa, he'll wonder where you are  


What lovely views you have from your garden. I'm green with envy 

Hollie, no wonder you're looks idyllic    Exciting times?  



Fantastic Hollie - really looking forward to seeing how it develops - but what a great backdrop.  Darkness and owls are very special


Its wonderful Hollie, so interesting with the different levels, it will be lovely in the spring.

I also give thanks every day for the chance to live here where we are, enjoy it but dont go flat out in the first year(like I did) take it steady, you will get there.

Choose strong wind proof plants.

Looks like a fabulous location.  The garden as it stands is probably best described as "having great potential" which translates as "a lot of hard work ahead".


Hollie, I wish you lots and lots of luck. Enjoy! Lots to look forward to and discover