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Hi all,


am just in the process of flattening my garden but need some advice.

The garden has already got a big patch of lawn in the middle and also has a large amount of stones in the soil around it.

So the question is:


  1. Do I attempt to remove all stones (which would take ages)
  2. Do I get rid of all the grass thats there and buy turf for for the whole area
  3. Do I only turf the bits that need doing?
  4. Do I use grass seeds?

Or should I do a mixture of all of the above?

(please see picture of garden as it is today...

Thanks for all your help and advice.







Welcome Thorsten; stones occur naturally in soil, I wouldn't worry about them. The soil looks as if it could do with a bit of conditioning; perhaps dig in some well rotted manure? With the grass, there is a slight problem; if you add more turf or re-seed, the chances are that it will be a different mixture of grass seeds and it will come up a different shade of green.

Scott Edwards

I think I would personally remove all of the grass and buy new grass for the area as it's not too big an area.

Would u have to kill the grass off first? And then turn all the other soil?

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