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We've just moved into a cottage. Cottage was previously occupied by a sitting tenant who was a game keeper. Garden very neglected and although Primroses and possibly Iris' are making an appearance, I want to know how to train ivy along a fence to provide cover. Also need to know cheapest way to start populating the garden as on a budget. Any help appreciated!


train the ivy up the fence using wire/string, it probably make it own up the fence eventually.

populating the garden - well you could split larger plants and move them else where. ask friend relatives if they have unwanted plants or split there plants if your allowed. grow from seed - take cutting later on in the season.


Once you start weeding and clearing you will get bare patches of earth which you can sow with hardy annuals. You can gradually build up your collection of plants by cuttings etc as Perki says, but in the meantime sow annuals and you will have some colour for the first year that isn't too expensive. You can learn about your garden and plan for it during this year.


Hello Jacquelinevs, by encouraging the birds into your garden you will get quite a few self set plants. I've never sewn Feverfew, Aquilegia or Nigella and I now have loads, and they easily self set. Also easy to remove.


Most nurseries have a designated "casualty corner" featuring withering unwanted plants which are usually about 50p as long as there are signs of new shoots in the plants then the root is active and you can easily rescussitate with some compost when you plant Them at home..just make sure they are perennials and good naturalisers.

Jac, I'm in Brighton and don't mind giving you a few plants, cuttings and seeds, as I have a few surplus, PM if you like 

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