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The potty gardener

Any gardening on tv is good. It's not just two weeks GW is off either is it- It is off for ages.

I agree that although a make over show they do describe what they are doing and give names of plants better than most

. I liked the first series where Mr T went and looked round different gardens.

"Hi all like all garden  programme,s but wish they wouldn't take garden's world off could they not put G/W on the red button"!


Why don't they just have a wimbledon channel? They managed it for the olympics. and can they put the football and snooker on it as well.


KEF- Well we couldn't have him just sitting around on the school hols eating cake and stuff....Mrs Andy would get annoyed 

Thanks Verdun for the reminder for tomorrows programme " Love your Garden" - I shall miss GW not being on - with my notebook in hand - 1/2 hour is not enough - should be an hour.



Fidgetbones - was that a deliberate mistake, surely you meant a gardening channel - bliss. Anyway it seems there is a Wimbledon channel, at least it feels that way in our house! 'Record' button set for later today, I never manage to watch tv in real time anymore.

The programme tonight is on for an hour.  Have set recorder in case I miss it.  Should be good I think


Did anyone catch the name of the Choiysa that flowers twice a year?


Mine flower twice a year KEF, there are some most of the year on the.basic Choisya ternata. Aztec Pearl not so often but it's not in such a good place


Only got Sundance like one, smaller version and don't know name, suited for pots it said. It's flowering now, but never seen flowers later, maybe didn't look.

KEF. I did till you asked now forgot.  However, it's recorded and if nobody else names it I will later.

It was sentimental, emotional, and .....lovely. It may not be a pure garden show as such but it was a joy to watch


I enjoyed it Verdun, but I'm a sucker for sad things. Knowing someone who had same disease I was so happy that at the end there wasn't a post saying the poor chap had passed away. Hubby now wants a tree house with fridge me thinks


Dove- did you enjoy the Hidcote prog? I've sky'd it even though I've seen it at least twice! It's the architectural structure of these gardens I admire.

I love Lutyens' work too.


FG I really did enjoy it - I can remember hearing a radio programme about Johnston years and years ago, probably 25 years ago, and bought a Lawrence Johnston climbing rose to grow over my studio in tribute to him 

And Lutyens - what amazing work 

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