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We have just had anew store open near us .

And they have compost etc and some plants it was more the compost I was interested in .

So asto

 its a horrid wet afternoon went to see hwo it was and they have Horizon.

I have been tryingout composts for a wee while now and happy 




What store was it scotkat?


Thanks scotkat. we have a huge one of those  a couple of miles away! I will take a look tomorrow as I need some for round my boundary for some new planting 

Fairgirl did you get your compost?



No scot- they didn't have any - had to go to B&Q!  

What a shame Fairygirl. Did the store  have any garden composts ?As the one in Forfar has loads.


Sorry just saw this Sk. No - no compost , just some bulbs which I'm not ready to get just now. Think my local one has more 'interior' stuff really. 

The store moved in to an old store that had a garden centre before so this is maybe why.

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