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hi i had a new lawn laid on saturday, but i have a feeling that they did not compact it first. when i step on it to water as it is very long and cant get away with out walking on it, my feet sink every foot step sometimes quite deep. is there anything i can do to sort this with out starting again and with out the people who did it becasue convenently they are not answering there phone now




I really wouldn't walk on it - set up some sprinklers that will cover the lawn (using boards to walk on while you set them up).

Don't over-water - it can cause more problems than it cures -  whereabouts are you - is the weather stll very dry and sunny or have you had some of the recent rain?

Hi ... I have the same problem ... Just laid lawn 4 days ago and can't walk on it without sinking , although I thought it hard enough to Lay turf ... It obviously wasn't ! Is there anything I can do to firm up the soil (was thinking a vibrating plate ) .. can I do this on top of the grass or do I need to remove turf, try firming again and re lay? 


Don't walk on it!  You'll ruin it - it'll be fine if you leave it alone for the roots to grow into the soil below.  It'll take several weeks before you can walk on it without damaging it, especially at this time of year.

Just keep it watered (not soggy but nicely moist).

My feeling is that the ground was not consolidated enough before turf laying.

Matthew send a letter and email to those who laid the turf.  Still comtinue to ring them.  This will establish thst you were dissatisfied from the start. Get them to come back and assess the situation.

however, walking on newly laid turf is a bad idea.  Dont do that.



Verdun - you need another coffee   Matthew's post was in  2013 - hopefully his lawn is sorted now!

Keefyj68 appears to have laid his/her lawn themselves only four days ago!  A lot of bought turf seems to be grown on very sandy soil and is spongy until it is growing well.

I think the answer is to water and keep off it to give it a chance to grow.

Not a good time of year to lay turf however   Spring or autumn would have been better.

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