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The potty gardener

Hi Jimpyp, Ali and Benno.

Some people just like to use the site for gardening advice and others like to have non gardening chat as well. Whichever you are I am sure you will get to love the site

hollie hock

Hello to all newcomers. It's great place here Only started gardening 2 years ago and have definatley got the bug

My darlek compost bin is affectionatley called Monty.............


Hello Benno 14  Welcome on board...I'm currently in Next Generation mode, across the universe shortly as tele' not appealing. Hope you enjoy the site as much as I'm doing.

Woodgreen wonderboy

 My advice, having been in your situation before with a new garden is to take your time and look at other peoples' gardens during the summer months; think about the style of garden and the main things you want to do e.g. grow vegetables as well as flowers;go formal or wild?  etc.etc.  Draw up a basic plan and use the autumn to prepare your plot and plant the structural elements such as trees and hedges, and then get going next spring with your flowers and vegetables. Let your ideas and garden evolve over time and you will end up (if there ever is an end) with something that reflects you and your gardening style. Good luck.



I'd agree with that, sow a few annuals to make it pretty while you think about it


thanks everybody for the kind welcome

Thanks everyone for your kind advice. I have sown a whole border with hardy annual seeds and a few summer bulbs then next year I can start looking at some more exotic stuff or some perennials. 

John - Your mum sounds amazing at 100! Lets hope her secret to longevity is gardening.

Fairygirl..I have photos of me eating dirt as a child and hardly ever get a cold!

Hello all, im new to the site, am a keen gardener, even though I only have a small garden.  It is made up of a patio, decking, a small piece of lawn, I have no flowerbeds but I have lots and lots of pots and containers!!  I love growing from seed, my windowsills are full of seedlings at the moment as I do not have room for a greenhouse unfortunately   I am looking forward to receiving lots of good advice from you all!!  Enjoy the long weekend, lets hope it is gardening weather!!


Hello and welcome to all the newbies.  Not much more than a newbie to this site myself, but have learned so much in a short space of time.  Really enjoy and appreciate the friendly, practial & knowledgable advice given and I'm sure you will too.  Happy gardening!


When I got my new garden 22 years ago, the first thing I did was buy a big greenhouse, so that I could raise a lot of plants from seeds and cuttings.

My husband wasn't very happy about it. He's now my ex husband.



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