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hi all, looking forward to picking your brains. just moved into my new house , my first with a garden,a dream come true.

Hello jimpyp

Welcome to the forum.

We have all got different ideas here and happy to help you enjoy your first garden

Thank you Verdun


...I hope you have a large garden, as I think most of us here enjoy a bit of virtual planting...

i wouldnt call it large salino, but i look forward to all the ideas coming my way ...



virtual planting is great - establishes quickly, always looks great and no digging required


I find it cuts down on the weeding remarkably - never any vine weevils, and the weather's usually warm 


Very good ladies! Virtual gardening is great isn't it. All seeds germinate almost instantly.

And Dove-it's always warm in my virtual garden..

Virtual or otherwise Jimpyp-enjoy your garden 

Hi All. I'm new too. Have sought some troublesome potato advice this week and always enjoy reading your posts. I'm like Jimpyp really. Have caught the gardening bug for the first time since moving house. We have a big garden with veggie plot in the country and I am complete obsessed with it! (My husband frequently rolls his eyes when I try to talk to him about it). Veg is all planted up and now I have a flower bed to fill so would appreciate any advice. I want an outrageous show of colour - fire colours I think would be fun.

PS my little boy is called Monty - pure coincidence though as I wasn't a gardener when we named him! 


Hi Ali- forget hubbie and chat to us all here instead!

If you want to get your son interested try something like nasturtiums as they grow quickly-he can help you put the seeds  in and they come in nice fiery colours!


Hello Jimpyp & Ali N-G. I'm pretty new as well. Enjoying being on the forum, friendly &  knowledgeable people at your fingertips. Plenty of smiles & laughs as well.

Haha..he will be very glad Fairygirl. He's not remotely interested in gardening and doesn't even mow the lawn because of his very convenient 'allergies' 

love the nasturtian idea and they have nice big seeds too. We've also planted some sunflowers together in pots which are sprouting. Monty's fascinated (when he's not trying to dig up my veg seedlings) but have learnt not to try and do any actual gardening with the boys around. (aged 1 and 2). They end up with a healthy dose of soil in their diet!

any ideas for something tall too? 




welcome to paradise, all you young enthusiastic Newbies.  I was a Newbie too, not so long ago. You have years and years of pleasure, surprises, discoveries and a sense of achievements Pay no heed to the negative people and treasure the helpful, encouraging comments. Fortunately there will be many of these.


Thanks Jatnijapyar! I must admit I had a bit of an abrupt response to one of my questions the other day but actually it was quite amusing.

Cant wait to get out there today. I'm a "stay at home Mum" but today is my day off from the kids where I get to potter away with no interruptions...a quick visit to the GC first of course for a mooch. Yesterday I cleared about 20 years of dust out of the old outhouse which is now my shiny new potting shed. Hard work but so satisfying! 



Hello, both of you. There are some lovely fiery coloured dahlias, heleniums, coreopsis, gaillardias, rudbeckias. But some of those are quite tall - for behind the nasturtiums!

Hi everyone I am new to gardening and would really appreciate any assistance when it comes to picking your brains.


Hi benno- if you take a look at the many different threads you'll see a variety of subjects which you can post on or start a new thread if you have a particular query. Whatever your own interests there will be someone who will have an answer or advice!


Ali -those are good suggestions from B-LIzzie -will have a think too. Just back from work so catching up while I have lunch. One thing I would say that if you're rural-watch out for the rabbits-they'll demolish everything if they get a chance!!

My girls were always eating their lunches with dirty hands when they were small- they both have great immune systems....

Thanks Busy Lizzie and Hi Benno 14.

you are right on the money with your suggestions BL. I love a bit of fiery drama in my garden. Just been to the GC and they had Cardinal Crocosmia on offer. 5 bulbs for a pound so I got one red one yellow and will keep a couple back for behind the nasturtiums too. Last week I got some giant Gladioli in an orangey colour....not very subtle am I?!! I'm sure I'll look back and cringe in years to come when I'm a seasoned gardener. Also bought some spicy salad seeds for my Belfast sink and some leeks to start from seed in the it too late? to potter!

John Harding

Hi Ali Newbie Gardener,

If you are looking for something tall have a look at Kerria Japonica. It's a shrub that has bright yellow flowers and in my garden grows to around 6 ft tall (I'm 68 so I tend to use the old english measurements). If you would like to see what it's like, enter Kerria Japonica into Google then click on the 'images' tab and you'll get a whole host of pics. (Obviously you can do this with any plant name and I find it a very useful tool).

I'm not new to gardening but I am to this forum. My mum taught me a lot in my childhood when she had an allotment as well as the 1/4 acre she still has (she'll be 100 later this year and still loves her garden though she can't physically do the work herself now).