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Hi, I am relatively new to veg growing and was wondering if anyone would be willing to share their wisdom.

I live on the north east coast and have an allotment and whilst we have missed the worst of the wet weather the soil is still very wet.  Am I best to leave it alone and wait until it dries it up or shall I just plod on and dig away.  My concern is that I am going to miss out on starting many things off.  Any advice would be gratefully received


Hi Lynnieatt1   (think you'll probably be known as Lynnie from know on ).

No, keep off your allotment while the soil is wet and claggy - basically if it's sticking to your boots and making them feel heavy you stay indoors and look at seed catalogues and make plans - it's not time to start things yet, don't worry 

thank you dove I shall wait patiently - all my seeds are bought and sorted into months for sowing. 


Why do you think we're all spending so much time noodling on here with other gardeners - we'll not be about quite as much when there's gardening that can be done 


I have an allotment and never touch it until well into March as the soil is very heavy.  Don't panic Lynn as everything catches up eventually.  Just take it a little at a time when the weather improves and when it becomes dryer under foot (ha ha).



Lynne, what are you thinking of growing this year?

I'm only using the sowing dates on the packets as a guideline as I'm sure the weather varies so much across the country - certainly last year my mother (100 miles South) was filling the conservatory with tomato plants creeping up the windows while mine were still sat shivering in pots looking very tiny. Plants seem to find their own way and catch up when the weather is right.

I garden in the north east. My allotment has raised beds so is fairly well drained but it is still too wet. The wetter the soil the colder it is and not good for germination. I raise most of my plants from seed in modules then plant out after hardening off when the soil feels warmer. This can be done no wish. Look at what your neighbours are doing as well.

Many thanks everyone for the advice and yes the weather has changed at the moment it is quite cold now.  I am looking at growing potatoes, carrots, courgettes, beets, toms, peas, sweetcorn (if I can), salad leaves.  I have left a 1/3 of the allotment so that I can grow some wildflowers to hopefully attract bees and butterflies.  I have strawberries, raspberries and brambles also.  I'm really just concentrating on what we like as a family and to a certain extent what is quite easy and can look after itself as work full time so getting down everyday can be hard.  

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