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New to pickling and making chutney and would welcome some advice

Mould on the outside of my stored jars, but the seals are still intact

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I'm new to making preserves and would welcome some advice. I have made some beetroot chutney and stored it in a box in the shed, which I thought would be cool and dry. just checked it and the seals are still intact, contents look ok but mould has appeared in places on the outside of the jars. My first inclination was to chuck out the contents but then wondered if it would be safe enough just to clean down the outside of the jars and am keen to learn from others experiences.


If the mould is on the outside then I wouldn't worry at all.  Wipe them down thoroughly - they'll be fine.  I keep mine in the garage.


Many thanks; that's a relief, I really enjoyed making them and was looking forward to eating and sharing them too!!


It's probably condensation on the outside of the jars attracting some spores and .......... there you go 

I love making chutney and pickles, and as you say, it's lovely to share them too.  


Just as Dove says! All of it, except I never eat mine, they ALL get given away, then I find I've none left! However, I have found that mice and rats are able to chew into many lids, although so far they have only done it to jams, never any pickles or anything with vinegar in. And as my pet rats won't eat pickles, I asume it is something that rodents don't like. Just be aware if you want to store jams and other sweet stuff!


Luckily no signs of chewing to date (thank goodness, I'm scared still of rodents!). I've cleared a space out in the cupboard under the stairs for my next batches. I'm getting quite addicted to this preserving lark, tomato and celery and a ratatouille chutney are my next two ventures (recipes courtesy of a Jill Nice book), lovely way to spend an afternoon. I know what you mean about making sure there's some left: although I have only been making chutney for a month or so it's amazing how many friends and family are really keen to try it, and make suggestions for the next lot!

Chutneys need to mature for at least a month (my opinion)...

Well, yes they improve with time NitroJim, but if you've only just made some and you need some chutney and it's all you've got, it's better than no chutney at all, in my humble opinion 


I make mini hampers for Christmas pressies with selection of jams and chutneys.

just get a shallow basket and line with straw, place jars on top and wrap with clear cellophane and decorate with ribbon etc. makes a great gift.

Made a batch of rosehip syrup too this year, absolutely delicious on yogurt or ice cream so will be giving these away too.


Gina, love the hamper idea, that's next xmas sorted, Thank you.

All kinds of preserving becomes addictive. Just remember to write down what you did. I tend to play with recipes, then forget to write them down to make again if they're good!

New to making Jam and chutney as well. Pleased to say those who have tried them have simply loved them.

I'm planning on putting a jar with xmas card on my neighbours door step ( thankfully only 10 house on my st ) Actually we all get on well so..........dying to see their reaction!

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