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This year has ended on a sad note with a good friend dying, so next year i am going to enjoy everything even the grot. And to be more tolerant, ive already failed on thie one but the new yeqr doesnt start until midnight.

hollie hock

Just thought of another one- stake tall flower plants as they are growing not after they get bashed and fall into a messy heap. I know it makes sense.

SantasLittleHelper & Nutcutlet, I'm going to sow some white tall snapdragons seeds tomorrow. This year I will not sow the whole packet into 3 small trays and then prick them out and try and and off load them to any one who will have them




@ Jackie Frost - am only going to grow from seed this year. Have various Musa on the go at the moment and in April Cosmos, Canna, Gunnera, Ginger Lilly, Colcasia and a few other hardy (ish) tropicals.


I moved into a new garden and had to buy lots of structural plants, wind breaks etc. I also planted an 80 metre wildlife hedge down the side of my house!

flowering rose

That's it Maud,don't waste a moment of your life ,its precious ,enjoy every moment.

I have made me to be a good Member of our family. And I'll watch more on the plants that I've neglected. I would like to enjoy me also on the little things. I want to write some good posts in this forum. I wish all a happy and prosperous 2013, sincerely, ThaiGer.


Hello ThaiGer. You have made some kind resolutions there. I hope 2013 brings you all you ask for.

All the best for you and your family, thanks, ThaiGer


Happy,happy 2013 to all you lovely, kind people on the forum.

Just eight weeks and it will be March and the sap will be rising!!


Oakley Witch

I'm sorry to hear of your loss Maud in the garden. I believe in live for today. I have lost many a friend through bikes and we now live for today. Tomorrow never comes and in the words of Kung Fu Pandas turtle friend...Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery...but today is a gift. I love that wee saying and we use it a lot in this house. 

Jatnikapyar...I like your way of thinking  I noticed that my Narcissus are through, my tulips are appearing and my dwarf iris, grape hyacinth and snake heads are up and at em 

Not long now

My resolution - if this year's as bad as last I'm going to retire.


I believe in what you have said Sam. Life, quietly teaches us alot, if we take note of what it throws at us!!

I feel sad for your loss too Maud and hope this year is a happier one

On thursdays i swim at a local hydrotherapy pool which i used to go to with my friend who passed away. Missed her so much today, the place didnt seem the same. Life goes on and im looking forward to sowing seeds and getting to work on the allotment. Thankyou for your kind words everyone. My resollution to be more tolerant is going well but it is only the 3rd. Watch this space.....


Come on this board when you feel low and we'll share our ups and downs with you and have a smile. The friends who are no longer here to talk to will always be our friends, and we're so lucky to have known them.


I have justed invested £1 in a lovely page-a-day journal and intend to write down all that I do on the allotment this year. That way it will be easier to repeat successes and avoid failures - well, that's the theory anyway

What a lovely positive band of people. Happy gardening year to everyone. I am sorry for your loss Maud and wish you well.


After my next plant order I resolve not to buy any more plants. Oh! I will order some more after that but then that will be it. And I resolve not to visit any more nurseries looking out for those gems on my wanted list. And not to buy plants on impulse no matter how tempting they may be.
Caz W

Hey Maud - none of us are perfect all we can do is try our best with our resolutions! There are plenty of friends on this forum if you need cheering up or just feel like a chat.  My mantra is "Life isn't about waiting for the storms to pass, it is about learning to dance in the rain" and I've got these words on a big sign in the kitchen to keep reminding me

Virtual hugs x

My new years resolutions are:

1 to grow more annual flowers by seed rather than as plug plants, to save money. 

2  It will be my third year as an 'allotmenteer'.  First year was a bit ad hoc, last year was organised but hit and miss due to the weather but this year is the one!  Plans drawn up, veg seed ordered, received and sorted in the seed box, trays and modules poised and ready! 

3  Having removed a huge hazel shrub from one of my borders, I have a big, tempting space.  I have mulched it with compost and already planted a bare root climbing rose (gertrude Jekyll) to train up the fence.  I resolve to plan this area properly and not be tempted to buy too many plants for the space just because I like them and they are for sale!

4  Finally, take more care of my houseplants.  They are okay but I could be alot more vigilant with pest control and take more cuttings.

Just as an aside - pottered around the garden (as it wasnt raining!) yesterday and found a penstemon and japanese anenome still in flower!  Also my oriental poppies are starting to send up some fantastic new growth - hope we dont get a frost!


...ooh, you have manything to do. All in only 1 year??? I wish you maaaaaany luck, ThaiGer.


Gosh all these resolutions.  I wasnt going to bother but I feel I had better make an effort.  So I AM going to stop planting big plants in the wrong place!  its such a pain to move them (my husband is very patient because he has to dig them up).  My excuse is I didnt expect it to grow so well!