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Agree with all - especially those unplanned buys at the garden centre with nowhere to put them.  My special resolution is to prune properly instead of flying at everything with sharp secateurs and no knowledge.  Might even enrol on a couple of courses at RHS Harlow Carr not so far from me - and hang the expense !!

Sue H
Sunnylou. Been on some of those courses at Harlow Carr. Are very useful and inspirational.

My new years resolution is not to sow too many seeds thinking that they will all fail. They usually all come through and I am overrun. Also to grow more flosers. Was quite successful last year with cosmos, poppies and the like. Just can't resist sowing veg! Last year even had a stray squash plant growing amongst the flowers in the front garden. Looked quite good there with it super large leaves.

And also to get out there and enjoy it!

Good look to everyone and happy new year. Xx

Sue H said, '...and also to get out there and enjoy it!'

This is very good advice for myself and a lot of the gardeners that I know; we spend so much time fretting about what needs doing, then doing it, that we never seem to just stroll around enjoying the thing that we have created.

I have a book that i always write what seeds i sow, when i sow them and when they hopefully germinate. It all starts off well so will try and do better this year. I also made a note of when i see the 1st frogspawn, last year it was on valentines day.

Have just booked a coach trip to see the donkeys at Sidmouth, something to look forward too. I usually go to Chelsea but they have put the tickets up so much this year so will see the donkeys instead.

Im much happier now all down to your kind words. Thankyou


Decided to go to Chelsea for first time. See what all the fuss is about!


I ;love Chelsea but the price has gone up so much so have decided i can probably get 2 days out for the price of 1. Its always busy whatever day you go and the food and drink is expensive. Last year a small bottle of water cost £2 we always took water with us but it is heavy and you can only carry so much. Enjoy your day Verdun im going to see the donkeys at Sidmouth instead.


Verdun, I recomend you take a shoppers trolley or similar to Chelsea. Also take lunch and a thermos. The food and drink is really expensive as Maud says, but even if you can afford it, it is very poor quality. I once had a Pimms there, it was coloured water with bits floating in it. Not at all how friends make it!

Thanks folks. Chelsea was a pressie so freebie. Always wanted to go so I will enjoy the experience. Maybe you will see me on tv giving advice to Monty don! Ha ha
Hey, if I am on tv I will give you a mention Artjak........for a small fee!

You'll have to speak to my agent first!


Hi Maud.

Just been reading you posting about going to see the donkeys at Sidmouth.

We went a couple of years ago when we were holidaying in that area.  I was really surprised and impressed by the whole thing, it's much bigger than I imagined. Hope you enjoy your trip, well worth a visit

 Never been to Chelsea, the expense and travel costs put me off, so I watch it on TV instead.

Gone off the topic, but my New Years Resolution, is to sit and enjoy my garden more, not keep bobbing up and down when I'm having a coffee or tea, just enjoy. Don't think I'll manage it though.


flowering rose

I too like going to the Donkey sanctuary ,I have been going for a number of years and have seen it grow and the good work they do,not only for saving donkeys but in the riding for disabled.It is a great place to go to ,its free and there is a cafe and plenty of walks even down to the sea shore,wonderful wildlife here.We travel down on day trips or we stayed at Dunscombe caravan park,of course there is the walk to Branscombe and Beer.try it its worth it.

Caz W
lovetogarden wrote (see)
Gone off the topic, but my New Years Resolution, is to sit and enjoy my garden more, not keep bobbing up and down when I'm having a coffee or tea, just enjoy. Don't think I'll manage it though.

Quite agree Chris!    Easier said than done though isn't it?

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