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flowering rose

I am going to do everything the right way,no short cuts ,no lazy way out of doing things,going to be on time and have a stunning display despite all the weather and slugs throw at me.Going to be kind to all wildlife even if they wreck my displays and eat everything in sight,yes I am going to be a reformed gardener with tools at the ready clean and tidy and not stopping for too  many cuppas and chocie biscuits,watch out Monty!


Are you going to be kind to slugs and snails?


Gosh, flowering rose, do you think you'll manage all that? Why don't you just do one of them? I'd never keep it up. I could never keep tools in order like Monty's. I'm always amazed when they show his shed with all those neat rows of secateurs etc. I can't usually find mine! And I'm certainly not going to be kind to slugs and snails. I always start the New Year intending to keep the veg garden hoed and weeded, but as I prefer being in the flower garden the veg weeds tend to creep up when I'm not looking, so now I use weed supressing fabric where possible. Useless with a hoe anyway, keep hoeing up the young plants. Good luck with your plans!

Stopping for lots of cuppas to survey the estate has surly got to be an essential part of gardening, flowering rose, I've heard gardens don't thrive so well without these comfort breaks.

My New Year resolutions are to not over crowd the GH with to many plants. Remember to sow veg seeds regularly and not give up by June. Have a mixed strawberry bed and try growing pineberries again from seed, how difficult can it be.



This is one of my new year's join GW and learn how to do things  properly rather than 'plant and hope'. That said, I've had some pretty lovely results with the P&H approach! I've got a new veg garden ready to go - wish me luck!

Happy New Year



Caroline72, Good luck with your new veg. garden. The plant and hope system often works 'cos you are actually doing the right thing. On the other hand, I have had failures over and over again because the weather wasn't favourable and the seed packet didn't explain that certain plants really need a lot of warmth/sun/water etc even though I thought I had followed all the instructions.

Happy New Year to you too


If you listen to Monty he is always telling of his mistakes etc i think resolution to b more +ve and see the up side of every cloud x

hollie hock

Think my gardening resolution will be to move my seedlings on a lot quicker and maybe not to sow too many Although I think I will try and stick to the first



Don't sow too thickly would be a good resolution for me. Plus don't prick out and grow on every seedling that germinates or I'll never keep up with the potting on, watering and planting out even if there was a space for it all.


To not buy any plants in 2013...I spend far too much and cannot resist. I will resist in 2013, honestly


hollie hock

nutcutlet, I know that feeling.

blairs- do you grow from seed? It's loads cheaper but comes with additional dangers



blairs... but there are loads of perennial plants half price at the garden centres... dangerous! 2 more rose bushes for me


Resolution to take a photo my garden based on first day of month and use it as  avatar for that month. Will keep my hand in on saving etc , and will be good to look back on as will save them in a file with a bit of luck

Also to make sure I keep labels up to date, last year had some plants muddled up with colours, wrong when they flowered.



My New Year's Resolution is the same as the last twenty have been - just to enjoy it all.  No need to worry about space for the children to play or prickly plants or even whether they are poisonous.  I can experiment to my heart's content.


Lovely to read all your resolutions for 2013 but I think happymarion takes first prize....the rest of you are excellent runners up tho'

I have the seed packets from last year on hand and the new seed catalogues but somehow with these sodden days and early evenings I cannot quite get motivated yet. Does anyone else have this problem?



I found the discount pffered by some firms was my motivation just before Christmas

I agree Happymarion seems to have the right balance


I will echo your sentiment Marion, lets enjoy our gardens though can we have more sun this time around please? !  One resolution I have is to thin the apples on my trees so that I have better sized fruit. I find this very difficult.


daydaisy, why do you find it difficult to thin the apples on your trees? I fought against it for a while then decided that if the powers that be say it is a good thing to do I had better do it!

Oakley Witch
Some good reolutions up here. Well...I think mine will be not to clean in the garden as usually removing every fallen leave etc...add more nice objects to the garden, gargoyles and animals (tasteful animals lol) and work out how to have a water feature for more wildlife. Oh, and try and keep the local kids from using it as a path. Little darlings :??

Sam, sounds lovely what you plan to do. I agree fallen leaves are rather a waste of  energy unless they are on a path in which case I do try to clear them as I don't want to fall over!