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Hi everyone, just joined today in looking for a bit more knowledge ( especaily from the old vetrans) about looking after and secret tips on my cactus and tropical plants, iv got a few but i don't know the names or even know what type of plant they are but im eventually going to send photos of them and hope some people could help, iv also got a couple of orchids and before i start collecting loads of them id first like some simple info how to keep them alive and healthy for the years to come , thank you all ill be seeing you around.
Victoria Sponge

Welcome matthew

I'm not any of the experts but Orchid Lady helped me recently with my orchid and I believe there is a member in Canada who knows a great deal about the different kinds.

 I'm sure you'll find the forum helpful- I have

Brilliant ill take that on board thanks , nice welcome too, and quick!!

Hi Matthew3

I'm not a cactus or orchid grower. As Victoria Sponge says we definately do have orchid growers.

Lovely , im full of questions


Doubt i will be much use to you, but there is a wealth of knowledge on here
Orchid Lady

Hi Matthew and welcome.  I'm not an expert by any means, I just love orchids as they are so pretty and I currently have 6 (although one that I 'rescued' from a garden centre is very poorly  I have learnt all that I know from speaking to Orchid growers/clubs at flowers shows, the internet and a couple of books.

What type of orchids do you have?  Are they Philaenopsis (moth orchids)? Also, what stage are they at....flowering or not?

Bill in Canada has LOADS of Orchids (I think he said about 40), he was about earlier but isn't on much at the moment.

Orchid Lady

I've 'bumped' up one of the threads for you Mathew, if you go on latest posts you should see it there.

Orchid lady in sorry i don't know what you mean by bumped up and i don't know what thread in looking for? Excuse the newbieness,,anyway ill find a way to post some threads with my questions , and ill probely see you in there in sure, , my orchids are Philaenopsis , and one has gone through flower and dropped them all so i don't know what to do with it at this stage, and the other has just started flowing with about six buds to go, iv heard they last up to about 7 years and like to know how to be able to succeed in that and maybe replant them so they get nice and big and a good center piece for my living room table ,thanks ,matthew
Victoria Sponge

Orchid Lady was moving a thread back up to the top in the 'latest posts' section that she thought you might be interested in.

People say bump but it doesn't matter what is written - it is the time of the last post that determines where it is in the list.

Orchid Lady

Sorry,  I should have explained that better Matthew, thanks Vic for explaining.

Re your last post Matthew, a couple of points.

The one that has finished flowering, as long as there are no flower buds at all the stem should look 'dead', when it does,remove it down to almost the bottom, that way it encourages new growth as all the energy is going into growing new stems which will in turn produce new flowers.

The plant that is still flowering, feed it with an orchid food and it may well produce more flower buds, one of mine flowering continuously for over 2 years before it had a rest. That one is now almost 5 years old (and was my first).

Finally (for now), Orchids don't need repotting to make big plants, they like to be 'pot bound' as they are a tropical plant and would grow in that way in their native environment.  It is perfectly normal for the roots to come out of the pot and that is a good thing.

I will post a picture of one of a couple of mine in a minute so you can see what I mean.

Hope this helps.

Orchid Lady

This one had 2 flowering stems and one has recently finished, you can see it at the back where I have cut it down, also the leaf at the back is dying, which is normal and will come off on its own eventually.  You can see what I mean about the roots, these are nice and green and healthy.

 This one, I'm ashamed ti say,has been a bit neglected of late and does need repotting, not for a bigger pot though but just to tidy up some of the dad roots you can see.  It also needs the dead stems cutting back.

It can't be too unhappy though as it produced nice healthy new leaves and a new stem with buds in that you can see.



Thanks that's very helpful , i think ill cut the one with no flowers back,, does that one need watering much?until its next flower

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