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Hi all, just signed up.  Thought I'd share my little piece of paradise with the world.  I'm new to this gardening stuff so here we go !!!



Scott Edwards

Welcome and well done. It looks like a lovely spot to sit and relax.


Looks like you've been doing it for years! Looks fab!

Well done looks great, keep up the good work : )

Your garden looks lovely Jac  Welcome to the forum!



Welcome Jack, nice friendly bunch on here with helpful advice,very good at identifying plants 


Sorry about spelling name wrong, predictive text 

star gaze lily

Hi Jac, pleased to meet you. What a love garden, love the fatsia in the corner. Also have belfast sink envy 

Thanks for all the lovely comments you guys! Star Gaze Lily - I got the sink for a tenner  from the local reclamation centre which I thought was a right bargain. Planted it up last summer but all the alpines are a little too big now.  



Welcome Jac, where are you in the UK, so we can give better advice if needed? Just North, South info is all.


Oh it's lovely Jac.  You've a real eye for placing things.


Jac, I had the same problem with my sink too. Just so you can giggle I've posted the picture for you:


Malcolm Harrison

Welcome Jac to the family of plant lovers and gardeners. You can ask any question you like and you will get so much helpful advice and support. Also a great garden - what are your planting plans for this summer ? Are you interested in Plant Propagation?

Good luck in all you do.



Hi Jac - like your bit of paradise - bit like mine - like the japonica fatsia in corner - I was lucky enough to have been given my first one this year for my birthday.  Hope you are Enjoying your garden. 



Welcome to the madhouse Jac! 

Here's hoping you get plenty of good weather this year to enjoy sitting in your paradise 

Mad plant in sink!  The fatsia is about 15 years old and loves it there.  I only completed the raised bed last August so it hasn't got much in.  It's in the sunny bit of my garden.  I've also got a similar raised bed the other side which gets no sun at all.  So the plants I choose have to be very specific for each bed. I'm in Essex 

Orchid Lady

Hi jac and welcome to the friendly, helpful and a bit bonkers forum  Lots of useful tips learnt on here.

Love your garden, and it's Belfast sink......I have Belfast sink envy at the moment, think  I need to find the Envy thread. 

star gaze lily

Ooops sorry Jac, meant to you had a lovely garden, lol not Love garden 

Tracey, i'm still looking for a sink!!

Orchid Lady

If you get one before me a Lily I won't be your friend