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Just thought everyone???s seems to say good morning but what about good evening/night, and what you have all achieved today, today as moving house I have took my sheds down, Still been to see to my plants especially the ones I am taking with me in the move and any of the plants and flowers I do leave behind I want to make sure they are looked after in the hope the next people in the property will look after them to, so let???s hear what you have all been up to before you settle down for the night

Hi all,
Im a little early today with the write up and ive a good reason why,
Yesterday i continued to make the path from the court-yard and 45 feet across the Lawn to the pool,
I worked most of the day removing the soil/clay from one side of the now filled in path and then later planted 90 box on the one side i'd finished "ive still the opposit side to dig out & complete before the complete job is done"

But as the day came to an end and my back was telling me its time to call it a day!
I thought i'd better give these 90 box a really good watering to help settle them in,
and by around 9pm i'd watered the box and finished for the day.

Well last night we had one hell of a storm here, Lightning and then thunder and rain like ive not heard for a long time,

It was as i lay awake at 2-30am i thought thats sods law! ive spent time watering and just listern to that rain coming down.

And this morning's been no better, "But" the water butts are all getting filled ready for the next hot spell.

Well lets hope the sun shines later today and i can do some more box prep & planting.

Till this evening, cheers.

This happens to me all the time I water the plants then an hour later it rains but before there was no sign of rain!!!!!!
And then I realise somebody has said night forkers doh!!!! silly me!!!

That's right Nivlac, already catered for! Hope to see you there.


Now I have embarrassed myself I cannot even find a way of getting rid of my thread!!!!!!!!!!

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