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I planted a Jasminium Officinale 3 years ago on an east facing wall.  It has loads of foliage but NO FLOWERS!  What am I doing wrong? What can I do to encourage it to flower?


Mine is in a big pot, it didn't flower the first two years. This year it has flowered well, I did what I tend to do with flowering plants/ shrubs in pots such as clematis..Some slow release fertiliser in early spring & a few liquid feeds with tomato food during the flowering season to promote flower growth. 

I don't feed it with a liquid general purpose plant food. Works for me, but I'm sure other posters will have more detailed info'.


I think the answer is because you are growing it on an east facing wall. How much sun does it get there?

Mine is growing.....and flowerimg still...on a south west facing well and another on a south facing wall.  



Verdun, just testing you

Mine is SE facing and does get sun from 11am.

Hiya KEF. Maybe there's a reason why Eloise's situation is less sunny. ( bit of face saving here ) I have a feeling a lack,of sun is the reason for hers not flowering.  However, I'm surprised quite often by the ability of plants to thrive where, theoretically, they should struggle.  

Also womdered whether Eloise pruned her jasmine at all.....prune mine hard each year.  Also whether she is over feeding.  Sure Eloise will get back to us

Hey dissin me cos I'm Cornish and bit daft?    Lol



I'm sure you're right about the sun...I was testing you ( me back peddling) and you passed. My answer never even mentioned location, didn't give it a thought, think I'm just obsessed with giving plants tomato food.   When do you prune yours? Mine only had a little trim in Spring.

Hi Eloise, good info' from Verdun.


Verd - how do you get it to flower on a well....?

"mine is growing..and flowering still...on a south west facing well...." 

Is it a magic Cornish well? 

Ok girls....know when I'm beaten!  Ha ha

I will cut my jasmine back in few weeks...just to shorten it a little but it is still carrying loads of flowers.  Spring is when I cut it hard ....halfway or less and the odd stem or two right to the ground..  However, I often get the whole pruning thing done early.  It's late for you guys to prune then but ...hee hee hee, I can get away with it down here 

KEF, nothing wrong with tomato food.  Think it's sound thinking 

Yes...yes it is a magic Cornish well Fairy.  You have your magic wand and I live with the Cornish pixies.   


Verd thanks...wot you mean ? tropical weather in Yorks from March to November

flowering rose

I do not know but if you find the answer let me know ,I have two I planted recently and no flowers ,My neighbours which comes through the fence flowers and my winter jasmine is just showing its yellow flowers.It may need time to establish or cutting back or not toomuch feed.

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