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Well no Gardeners World tonight to watch on TV but there is another garden show on tonight at 8pm on channel 5 called Construction Squad they are going to landscaping an overgrown wasteland

So worth a watch if you can

anyone going to watching that?

Er, I quite like overgrown wastelands..

Heather Michaels

Oh why no Gardeners World? It wasn't on last week cos of something or other. Grrr.

Athletics...yippee...and football. Hmm!.....that's why no gardeners world tonight Heather. But I saw beechgrove last night.....a nice, friendly easy on the eye prog from Scotland.



You wouldn't be surprised in beechgrove to see them gardening in their slippers

Aye, I remember Jim McColl from the first programmes in the 70s. We have all acquired slippers since then.


yes l find l am always gardening in my slippers ,not so much in the winter though .


GW always seems to be the first programme to be cut when sport etc is on,ITS NOT FAIR !

Dont forget to watch the Construction Squad channel 5 NOW!!


Beechgrove....Mrs Doubtfire does gardening. love it

Watched it and enjoyed it - shame about the weather.  Amazing when cleared the overgrown mess to start with.  Good to see that "professionals" can get things wrong as well as us - having to do a second base for the greenhouse.  Liked the bench, made from sleepers. 

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