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I can not see the pics 


Did you sweep sharp sand into the lawn aftervairating the lawn


Edd, I can only see one pic of the lawn - the rest are all blanks.  How are you trying to upload them?


Sorry about the pics not sure why they will not work. They do show up at my end.

Yes i used a fork to aerate the lawn going the full depth of the prongs and then wiggled it around in a circular motion. (its better if you can remove plugs so that it does not compact but i do not have that option) this was done every 15 inches. I am lucky enough to have the river Tees nearby so i just sieve some coarse sand/grit and then fill the holes with it, using a trowel. I leaves a small hill of sand on top and let the rain wash it in. It finds its own level. You could just sweep it in if you do not want to wait for the sand to level.

I am just waiting for the moss to go and then i will scarify and add a top dressing with new grass seed. I use a knife and remove any weeds by hand about once every 2 weeks.

Whats best for topdressing iv got a new build house and the soil is like bell iron and the lawn needs flatening. Iv had to dig alsorts out of the lawn


Hi dove. Not sure what i am doing wrong. i use the tree icon, the it shows two tabs that read 'my computer' and then 'an external site.' I have had to use the external option as the 'my computer' is blank!! but i have just noticed that it is now showing an upload option so i will give it another go.








 1 church Gainford.

 2 and 3 is back garden.

4 is the spring

and the last 4 are the front lawn with my planned boarder using the free seeds from the kind members on here.

I do hope these work as this is my last attempt.





Mark 499

I can see the photos but they are small & will not enlarge.


The crocus ones are lovely and do enlarge. The lawn ones are small.


Rich. I will be using 1/3 worm compost with 1/3 topsoil and 1/3 sharp sand. 50/50 topsoil and sharp sand will be fine. 

I will have to wait and see how much lawn seed will be needed in the mix.

Pottie Pam

Hi Edd,

Lovely to see your photos.

Is the spring the one that smells and tastes of sulpher? We used to have a drink when I lived in Gainford as we were told it was good for you It tasted foul.  Might be some truth in it as I'm stil fit althugh I'm now 27 .


Hi Pam.

You are thinking about Gainford Spa that is just outside the village. It still smells of sulphur. It had some money spent on it after some vandalism and is quite popular now. 

The spring is directly behind the church and there was a baptism there last year. Someone bought the land below the church and has tidied it up and there is now a community orchard planted. This will be very prone to flooding so we will have to see how it goes.

This site does seem very popular with the 27 year olds. 

PM me and i will get you 'genned' up with what has changed.



A right click on the photo should give you the option for google search image and then you can go to the parish website.


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