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Hi ALL. 

Been away for 4 days on a new project up north. ( i have photos to post, i hope soon. )

Its a council house that my partner's mum has just moved into about 8 month ago. 

You can imagine  the site. (****) stuff they tried to  bury in the lawn!!! (mattress, tin paint cans, Compost bags  ( you do not realise how much i love and hate plastic!!!!)

The final part was the discovery of a Godiva 1920 lawn mower! ( up right and buried) It was like they just dug a big pit  in the lawn, like a burial. Took me 3 Weeks to clean and find out what is was. Anyhow i digress. ( anyone want the results of the buried lawn mower, then just ask) It was a bit rusty (allot)but i found the maker!!!)


I am off point again. Sorry.


Before we got the wet weather up here. I started to aerate the lawn below. Unfortunately it was too wet to continue and i only got 1/3 done.

Well.  The lawn looks like this ( below ) AND I THINK, IT JUST SHOWS WHAT AERATION AND 6 WEEKS CAN DO????


The light green is the moss. Spot the arated 1/3!


Ashleigh 2

Can't see the photo Edd, can you post it again?


 Sorry but i really do not think i can!!!

i am trying my hardest, and i bet the rest post o.k. But i was trying to keep them for another thread!







PS. THAT BED IN THE BACK IS THE NEW file:///C:/Users/any%20user/Downloads/2014-02-22%2012.03.39%20(3).jpg|0|8D0FF9CE49BB270||0|0|0|0||&cid=e9e3b0f267f0d18b&maxwidth=220&maxheight=160&size=Att&blob=MHwyMDE0LTAyLTIyIDE0LjU2LjA4LmpwZ3xpbWFnZS9qcGVn|0|8D0FF9CFC3D5960||0|0|0|0||&cid=e9e3b0f267f0d18b&maxwidth=220&maxheight=160&size=Att&blob=MHwyMDE0LTAyLTIyIDE0LjU1LjMzLmpwZ3xpbWFnZS9qcGVn|0|8D0FF9D1FC82A40||0|0|0|0||&cid=e9e3b0f267f0d18b&maxwidth=220&maxheight=160&size=Att&blob=MHwyMDE0LTAyLTIyIDE0LjU1LjA2LmpwZ3xpbWFnZS9qcGVn|0|8D0FF9D369DCEA0||0|0|0|0||&cid=e9e3b0f267f0d18b&maxwidth=220&maxheight=160&size=Att&blob=MHwyMDE0LTAyLTIyIDE0LjU0LjQxLmpwZ3xpbWFnZS9qcGVn|0|8D0FF9D7521AED0||0|0|0|0||&cid=e9e3b0f267f0d18b&maxwidth=220&maxheight=160&size=Att&blob=MHwyMDE0LTAyLTIyIDEwLjUzLjA1LmpwZ3xpbWFnZS9qcGVn|0|8D0FF9DA02B2390||0|0|0|0||&cid=e9e3b0f267f0d18b&maxwidth=220&maxheight=160&size=Att&blob=MHwyMDE0LTAyLTIyIDEwLjQzLjI2LmpwZ3xpbWFnZS9qcGVn|0|8D0FF9D914A8B90||0|0|0|0||&cid=e9e3b0f267f0d18b&maxwidth=220&maxheight=160&size=Att&blob=MHwyMDE0LTAyLTIyIDEwLjQ0LjE1LmpwZ3xpbWFnZS9qcGVn|0|8D0FF9D7521AED0||0|0|0|0||&cid=e9e3b0f267f0d18b&maxwidth=220&maxheight=160&size=Att&blob=MHwyMDE0LTAyLTIyIDEwLjUzLjA1LmpwZ3xpbWFnZS9qcGVn


I hope i get the hang of this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




I must try harder. Even the ones i tried to rotate have come out side ways, when you try and enlarge.

the flowering plants are out the back,With the worm bins! but they look fantastic. I must remember to not stand in the shadow and put my finger over the lense!!!!

Sorry KEV. 

Must try harder. its not even my phone! Why did anyone even invent this thing!!!!

If you want to take photos then buy a CAMERA!!! Not a phone.

I am on pay and go and that will be it.

Sorry for the rant.




Mark 499

Can't see any of it


Try a re- fresh? they are all on here now. but that is not what i wanted. 


Can any one else see ? i think there are 10 photos? 

There should be as i can see them now.




Sorry Edd  - lots of blanks.


I can see one photo of a lawn that looks like my lawn after all this rain!


IS EVERY ONE  MISSING THE PHOTOS? Can no one see? THEY ARE THERE FOR ME, i gan see them????

I WILL DO A FULL shut down and see what happens.

I might have better luck with caps lock then!


I did a full shutdown. and then the comp broke.!!! So i had to do a reset to a older reset point. 

The good thing is, you have the lawn photo. Can you see the 1/3 of the lawn that was spiked (with fork)  and filled with river grit/sand? 

Its amazing in 6 weeks with cold and wet weather. I will keep up the photos, just for show. (its a new project, for me, this year) 

I am sort of pleased you missed the other photos as i planned them for other threads. You will see my walk in Gainford, with the new back garden. I was inpresswed in the sunlight.|0|8D0FF9D914A8B90||0|0|0|0||&cid=e9e3b0f267f0d18b&maxwidth=220&maxheight=160&size=Att&blob=MHwyMDE0LTAyLTIyIDEwLjQ0LjE1LmpwZ3xpbWFnZS9qcGVn|0|8D0FF9DA02B2390||0|0|0|0||&cid=e9e3b0f267f0d18b&maxwidth=220&maxheight=160&size=Att&blob=MHwyMDE0LTAyLTIyIDEwLjQzLjI2LmpwZ3xpbWFnZS9qcGVn|0|8D0FF9DA02B2390||0|0|0|0||&cid=e9e3b0f267f0d18b&maxwidth=220&maxheight=160&size=Att&blob=MHwyMDE0LTAyLTIyIDEwLjQzLjI2LmpwZ3xpbWFnZS9qcGVn



edit : I have got them , i have got them!!! Dove help me please. let me get them the right way round. PLEASE,PLEASE.


That was the same image twice!. Sorry

Do not stand in your own shadow and do not stick your finger over the lense.|0|8D0FF9D914A8B90||0|0|0|0||&cid=e9e3b0f267f0d18b&maxwidth=220&maxheight=160&size=Att&blob=MHwyMDE0LTAyLTIyIDEwLjQ0LjE1LmpwZ3xpbWFnZS9qcGVn

 BOLLOCKS! (SORRY) They still come out side ways.


Sorry i will stop there. I have a king fisher, nesting on the Tees and the pic is fantastic( i guess i mean that i was lucky and caught it right.)it is better than good, as i am only good, because i only grow potatoes, for show,( but i can lift heavy things). I am having problems posting/ photos  it!!!!!! frustrated Yes i am, new to this.


I will get it even if i have to take a photo of the photo, and then post. (believe me it is something special. if i do say so. 

I can't wait to show you.

PS. Did any one notice the 1/3 of lawn (in the original question???)


We need to request a (full edit function. ( as my spelling is sometimes atrocious) or at least a delete button for when things that do not work when trying to insert links (like above)and photos/videos that look like they are working but never seem to work, in the end for me. Anyone else have this problem. It really cocks the thread up.



Sorry Dave, I have not forgotten you. I am just in the wrong spot at the moment as you might have noticed. Your help is always welcome.

Pottie Pam

Hi Edd,

I was brought up in Gainford  and married in the church so was sorry notto be able to see your photos.

I find when you load photos it takes a while. Just select upload and wait can take a few minutes and seems like nothing is happening (go make the tea) then it should be seen before you hit save.
Ashleigh 2

Sometimes I can't upload photo's because they are too big and just get blanks. If you go to you can make the photo up to 50% smaller without any cropping, it's free, worth a try.


Hi Potty Pam. i will try one last time for you. the pic was taken facing away from the church door. There is also one of the fresh water spring below the church by the river. but it did not come out too well. I hope they work for you.|0|8D0FF9D7521AED0||0|0|0|0||&cid=e9e3b0f267f0d18b&maxwidth=220&maxheight=160&size=Att&blob=MHwyMDE0LTAyLTIyIDEwLjUzLjA1LmpwZ3xpbWFnZS9qcGVn