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Glyn, you have decscribed my situation and attitude to a T  Happy visitor day


I didn't do naughty until I got very grown up indeed - in fact Ma says that she's aware that on several occasions I tried to take the blame for my little brother's naughtiness - I was that good!!!  Sadly brother was totally unappreciative of my life as his doormat - and fortunately I got wise 

I'm not a 'bad girl', but do have a tendency towards innocent mischief 


I was pretty good as a child too, quiet, shy and studious. Then I became a teenager and became naughtier, all those hormones kick in! I became a nurse and it was very supervised. The nurses home door was locked at 11pm and we had to kneel on the floor before matron so she could check that our hems touched the floor! It was the era of the miniskirt.


I was 'golden' as a young thing

Then after my first marriage disappeared I made up for it. Had alovely time all those suppressed teenage years were undone - wahay

Then I met OH who wondered what he had found. We lived together (shock horror) in 70's and thought my parents would be shocked. When I told them they were totally supportive and didn't know why they hadn't . Now 2 children live with partners.

And they all had the wild teenage time - made sure of that

Still find it hard to be 'naughty', make jokes etc though 

Gardening Grandma

I lik the the kind of minor naughtiness that leads to fun and laughter. My DIL is very grown-up and I sense disapproval occasionally when I do silly and mildly disrespectful things with my grandchildren. She thinks they should learn to behave properly and with decorum. I just want to have fun with them, the naughtier the better.

46 years ago, I married a good man who has always been entirely trustworthy. He's the rock that steadies this foolish dreamer who  goes into 'child' at the slightest provocation. (Not that my ex-pupils would recognise me in this description, more's the pity. I should have had more fun with them).


Pennine Petal
On for 5 mins while waiting for visitors. Everything prepared.

GG, that's what grandmas are for, breaking the rules.

Going to see my garnd daughter next weekend - Can't wait - haven't seen her since the end of January except on Skype. She can sit up and is experimenting with food.

I have already had words with her and told off for talking to her in the wrong way - Don't care

Gardening Grandma

Thanks, PP.

Rosa, we grans have to learn to live with minor disapproval. Here's a conversation from around ten years ago. (Things have improved since then). Robbie was two.

DIL: 'Robbie tells me he has pop and biscuits with Grandad. Don't think he does not tell me, because he does!'

Me: 'He gets one biscuit and drinks water because he does not like fizzy pop.' Thinks: 'Since when was it a crime to have pop and biscuits?'

Dissatisfied silence on both sides.

I do have a lovely DIL. She is strict about food and good manners.


I think I have a lot to learn. They said no choclate for Easter (she's 7months) so sent her an egg cup with choco buttons in. Thing is I know when mine were growing up I was as strict about choco and I understand where they are coming from. Don't have to admit it though

It is lovely to see that you ladies have calmed everything down and as a bonus you have managed to see off the boring old fart who used to answer lots of gardening questions, well done

Gardening Grandma

(This is a naughty laugh, because I know I should not find this funny).


You should find it funny GG. Humour is more precious than anything else. We need a good laugh.


I'm having a giggle too. 

Grandchildren.  My daughter, bless her, is and has always been very strict with 2 children's intake.  However........when they are in my house, twice a week, I tell them they can have anything they like, as long as they eat it and eat all their tea.  My daughter is aware of this so I don't feel I am going behind her back.  It's usually a bag of crisps, unless they have already had one and a packet of sweets.  That's what Grandmas are for isn't it?

The worst thing I ever did was when youngest grandchild was about a year old I gave him a choc-chip cookie. Daugher came back, told her he loved it and she went into panic mode because it contained nuts. Don't remember all these things when mine were young. 

I think I may be a bit naive, but I haven't a clue what this thread's really about!


Gardening Grandma

Don't worry, Joe, neither has anyone else now! It started as a serious thread and degenerated (?) into chat and humour, thus performing a healing function.


Was about to say it evolved from serious thread and turned into a rather naughty one. Not that I had any input in that. Chastity is my middle name.

Joslow, there is a place for old farts that know about gardening.  Unfortunately, it's the same type of old fart that goes bright red and hides behind his paper when anything comes on the telly about ladies' plumbing or gardens (even the ones that have clematis in).

JTG, you will find out when you're older, the thread reminds me of when I go out for a meal with a group of my girl friends, none of us gets out much, and we start cackling like a right coven.  I think the waiters pay the waitress to do our table, it's a lovely italian restaurant, complete with lovely Italian boys doing the waiting!


Joe the gardener,
Thats why a few of the gardeners have jumped ship, more chat threads than enough. They mostly do go off topic, that seems to be what the majority want though.
Oakley Witch

Hehe Joe...I started reading it and it explained alot so i jumped to the end and saw that it was now about girly stuff  

I quite like reading some of the threads as they start as one thing and end up something totally different lol. All part of the adventure hehe.

I have to say though that my attention was lost when I read about whiskers and veet