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WW, the garden heals in every way it can.

My deepest condolences for your loss.

Oakley Witch

Hehehe, that would be wonderful Muddy paws. I dont have one but feel it will be the same in this house. OH has a very sweet tooth as does all the lads that come round on a sunday. I had 6 motorbikes out front today and they were all in eatting flapjacks and fairy cakes and drinking buckets of tea lolol. They are all big softies really lol.

The fairy was in a garden at the Gardening Scotland show in Edinburgh in 2011. It was humansize and stunning. There were a couple more too...



 They were about £1000 each 

Im a huge fairy and gargoyle fiend. I have a few in the garden and the rest are all in the house aqnd meant to be going in the garden but like them where they are lol.

Pennine Petal
What a lovely garden Sam, love the fairy. I only have a small garden but am always looking for interesting sculptures. Can'talways find ones I can afford though. I do have a nice stone cat that I like a lot though.
Oakley Witch

This was gardening Scotland exhibition garden in 2011. I would LOVE this garden..but Alas it is not mine 

Pennine Petal
LOL, seen yours now Sam, you will get there.



They are beautiful fairies. I have a fairy too, reading a book, but it was cast in concrete by a local lady and not very expensive, a lot smaller. She sits on a low stone wall under a tree in my garden.

Highland Jeannie

My hubby says he wants a "nymph surprised while bathing" for the garden (he is only joking!) I said if he got that I'd clothe it with an old coat & wooly hat.

Sam - what about tablet? Much better than the chewy fudge!! It's sooo sweet. If you take a bite then a drink of tea it's as if you've put sugar in the tea.

Oakley Witch

Ooooooooo, your all a bad influence lol. Tablet sounds great 

Highland Jeannie

Nobody's e-mailed me at all, I'm obviously not wanted .

Never mind I'll stay here - you can't get rid of me then .  Or maybe everyone will press the "ignore" button

Oh well I'll have to talk to my self then (te-he) .


I think they've all gone to bed Jeannie! Goodnight


Jeannie - no emails for me either - but, on reflection, thats probably a jolly good thing !! 

Glad you are staying here - I love this site, and can't wait for it all to get back to normal....


Lets hope that everyone's far to busy today to recruit via PMs or to stir things up - there's gardening to be done  (except for those of us who have to go to work )

Dovefromabove wrote (see)

Lets hope that everyone's far to busy today to recruit via PMs or to stir things up - there's gardening to be done  (except for those of us who have to go to work )

I know- me too Dove

Chicky  Agreed

Sam- my avatar has a waterfall and Tina asked if it was  from my garden. Sadly not! Right now I have a lot of gravel, slabs (not paving!) and bare fences as I've recently moved so it's not too thrilling! My previous house had a big pond fed from a spring so it had a little waterfall but I need to get a card reader to put pics on here as my camera is obviously like me -old and outdated!

Jeannie   Are you freezing this morning-just saw the forecast brrr...not too bad here.

I alaways refuse tablet as I can feel my teeth dissolve as I'm eating it...


Sorry for those who have to go to work when there's gardening to be done. I've still got all last years growth to cut off the perennials and there are a lot of them. Better get on with it.


Wisdom again from dove.....have good day, albeit at work!
Oakley Witch
I have a set of wheels to do..then in the garden til dark. Have a good day folks
Highland Jeannie

Not at work, but if I want to do anything I'll have to clear the snow first!

We're not freezing Fairy, it is thawing but bbbb.....cold (compared to the sunshine of recent weeks!)

Enjoy your day Sam.
Jennie sorry to hear you,still have snow. They do say the cold weather is healthier.
Oakley Witch

You too Verdun.

I was on for the first time in weeks last night and was bombarded with emails. I really hope that the last one I sent will put an end to this damn nonsense. I left last night really angry and very growly. Fingers crossed that that is the end of it or I will be reporting this crap. Im not impressed at all!!!!!