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Oakley Witch

 Morning WW. Hope to see alot more of you here and there 


I should think poor Mr Haynes is sick of emails, seems everyone is writing to him too!

While we are on the subject, I would also like to mention that  I would imagine, (and I expect a dozen or so people will correct me if I am wrong) that Thompson and Morgan are probably very good contributors to the magazine and the site, and I think that if they were to see some of the things that have been written about them, they probably feel like retracting their funds, then none of us will have a site to post on.

Most forums wouldn't allow name and shame on their sites because of legal implications.

So that's my bit for the day, lets see 500 posters getting hot under the collar and reminding me of my COMPUTER ETIQUETTE.

I am NOT a flame baiter and dislike them intensely, so this is not intended as a flame baiter post. 




Posting on my phone from work (under the desk) Please don't anyone rise to the goading -This board is a friendly place, please don't let it change

Stay cool, ignore anything you don't like. That's my motto.


Oakley Witch

Morning Lyn, I agree with you completely. I don't think I was aggressive with what I said about them but I will go and check just now 

I don't think there is any point in 'slagging' or 'badmouthing' a company for one instant. I would be very upset if people did that about my business. I have only ever had one complaint which was a guy trying to get the job for nothing. I was warned before and after that he may be a pain in the bum. No wrong words or raised voices were had...just a very polite 'in future, I think it would be better for you to find another polisher sir'

Jobs done and no abuse


I am frankly appalled by some of the comments on this thread, the bullying of one of the  more helpful members of the forum has deeply saddened me.

I am also disappointed by the two faced nature of certain posters. Kit your comments have really saddened me.


No!! not you Sam. I know what you mean, I wouldnt like anyone slagging our jobs off either. especially for the whole world to see.


Pennine Petal
Morning all, advertising is really important to a site like this. Good companies will take note and respond accordingly. That is one good thing about social media, companies can find out what their customers think about them. If they are a listening company they will respond to put the situation right.

Rather than withdrawing funding, hopefully they are listening and thinking about a response. Sorry got my lecturing hat on again.
Oakley Witch

I checked lol and I was ok Lyn 

Kate, I think the one thing certain posters seem to be forgeting is respect. Treat others as you would like to be treated. I feel the same but I have woken this morning and decided I wont be upset by people on here and I will stick to the gardening


Unfortunatel today, I have to forgo gardening and make a start on getting everything ready for the accountant, I am quite pleased its wet and cold, as I would rather be out!

Oakley Witch

I try and do mine as I go. Hope you have a smooth run day and no 1p's lost with a 3 hour search party out looking for it 

Pennine Petal
Ha ha,Mrs Do as you would be done by, Sam. I tell my customer experience students that, they have never heard of the The Water Babies, we had to read in I school.

I can add a column of figures up 3 times and get a different answer every time.

Jeannie we've not had any more snow thankfully but as you say it's the wind that's the problem. B***** freezing and very drying.Not used to watering pots here at this time of year!

Miss Becks wrote (see)

Right, I'm going to set the record straight here.

There is no private club.

I, myself, got fed up of trolls, arguements and basically stupid threads being started on this website that had absolutely nothing to do with gardening. In fact, it is becoming more of a competition to see who is top dog. I'm still a newbie. I want to learn how to improve my garden. If I wanted loads of chat threads, I would use Facebook.

So I thought to myself, stuff this, I want somewhere to chat without all this crap, and learn about gardening. So that's just what I did.

I built a free website, added a forum, and asked people who I normally chat with, and have helped me in the past on here over, on a trial, to see if it would work.

This is not unusual. There are loads of gardening forums out there, and I know of many people who regularly contribute to many, as well as here.

So please, stop stirring, and just accept it for what it is. Just another place for gardening discussions.

It's not life changing. It doesn't affect this site whatsoever, and it is definately nothing to get all stirred up about.

I will probably get flak now as the 'black sheep', but to be honest, I don't care. I just wanted a hassle free learning site.

And I will still use this site just as much for advice if I see something that catches my eye.


There, truth is out. Do with it what you will.

Becks. x

We don't need to do owt with it, YOU have decided to split the community here, by offering another place, that's fine, but don't start recruiting from here, you should be banned from doing that.. Wish you well with your forum, but look out for Gary, let's be honest, he's somebody I wouldn't really enjoy being in my company. good luck



Brummie, The community was not split here becasue another group was started. It was already getting fractious and with the added strain of this forum not working properly that didn't make things any easier. There were several trolls and lots of goding and sniping. The other forum was to offer people an alternative and I am sure it wasn't intended to take people away from here but if it did then the fault didn't lie with the other forum. 


I suppose these threads about the spell of disharmony have popped up again because notifications have been reinstated and people have responded to posts from a while ago.

However, all has been well on here for quite a while now - even with the recent technical troubles everyone has been patient and helpful and good humoured - long may it continue  - I don't want to tell anyone what to do, but in my opinion I think this problem is dead and buried and long may it remain so. 

 Well!   My word!      Thanks everyone. That explains a lot for me. 

I haven't had a clue as to what has been going on - I couldn't keep up with all the posts let alone the content - tried but felt I was in a race.

Only started joining various threads a month ago even though a GW member for years   and as a newbie thought that .climeri. wbe  be my password. (no laughing  - well just a little  one)

It's good to pop in the Morning and Evening threads and will contiue to eavsdrop...good to know you all 

And ladies - nice one for the distractions 

Happy gardening




Well said dove.
On the mend now I hope

Oh good we have started this up again.

I will just get me coat