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Miss Becks

You are absolutely right Dove. Stirrers and random rubbish posters are not really desired on there, just because they like to hear the sound of their own voices. Just the way it is. Sorry.


Ok, JG got you - but Fork Handles was not truly open to all - many people who posted on there were ignored so they stopped trying.  Also it was so fast moving and full of so many 'in jokes' those who could only pop in and out occasionally couldn't keep up.  Then Verdun was asked what he was doing posting on there?

Plenty of room for some other chat threads - most Forums have lots.  The fact that the Potting Shed is there shows that they're welcome on the Board.  

As I understand it the regulars on Fork Handles 'took against' the innocent use of the term Forkers by someone who they didn't see as 'a Forker'.  When he refused to change the name of his thread they got upset.  It wasn't the use of the word Forkers, it was their attitude to it.  It also revealed that they considered the Fork Handles thread to be 'theirs'.  All very sad.


Miss Becks wrote (see)

You are absolutely right Dove. Stirrers and random rubbish posters are not really desired on there, just because they like to hear the sound of their own voices. Just the way it is. Sorry.

I prefer a free society to a police state, however low the crime rate - that's just how I am.

Miss Becks

No worries. I'm just less tolerant to things I think. Maybe my downfall. But if we were all the same, well, things would just be boring.

Miss Becks

That's an issue which is actually nothing to do with me Brumball. Thankyou.


Gardening Grandma

Miss Becks, I am sorry if what I wrote seemed offensive. You are entitled to have a forum of your own. The method of recruiting is questionable, to say the least, but perhaps that was not your responsibility. One may not like the  number of chat threads, but that does not seem a matter for someone else to try to control. This is a public forum where there is freedom to start a thread if one wishes. If they are not wanted or needed, they will soon die. Having more than one, clearly open to all, is not divisive.

I agree that the Fork Handles thread was off-putting because of the in-jokes, etc. I tried it a couple of times and gave up.

People are entitled to have a circle of friends whom they trust, but exclusiveness is not appropriate on a public forum. The invitations to your new forum - if they were at all appropriate on a rival forum - have created the impression of exclusivity.

I don't think you intended this, but it  is still the case.  I still wish you well with your new forum.

Miss Becks

That's just the point though. I wasn't trying to change this forum, or tell anyone what to start threads on. In fact, I rarely speak on this Forum, apart from Fork handles, where I like a giggle. I never get involved in the confrontations normally, as I can't be bothered. I tend to keep myself to myself, as I know naff all about flowers and plants. I'm a veg grower.

All that's happened is I've started something that is pleasing to my eye, and I can learn from.

Yes, selfish maybe. But I'm enjoying it. And learning.


Look, this forum will survive and thrive. It's the most famous one, isn't it?

Miss Becks has started a new one......that's great. it's by invitation only. Fine. But she is approaching members here to leave us ....but why? A couple of her group have posted sarcastic even sneering comments..Check for yourself .....but why? We can participate in more than one forum without speaking against another. Thats why I spoke up. I have to say though that I know of no other garden forum that's invitation could that possibly get started if not on the back of an already open public forum?
This is a group that has decided to exclude many of us including me. If you joined them you would be expected to "ignore" me but why? I have received pms too from this group and they demand I speak out publicly against certain members..if I do this I am "in" too!!!! If not I'm out. It's a fact. It's crazy
I wonder if the editor of this forum is aware of what is happening........

I haven't been too long on the forum...12 months I supposs.....I stumbled across's not something I would normally do. I will talk about plants and gsrdening all day long. That's why I joined.
But now I'm getting to know the people behind the posts and I have come to enjoy that too.
I hope the forum will stand firm
Miss Becks

Noooo verdun, I am not asking people to leave here!! That is just daft!! Seriously. Good Lord. I still use it myself.

And of course Daniel will have read this thread, or is following it. I'm expected to be ejected any second. But I am not out to cause trouble, just to be happy with where I chat.


Miss Becks, I have a feeling you do not know exactly what pms we are receiving from Geoff etc.
If you were to receive a copy I think you would be surprised.
It's weird to be at loggerheads with people I dont even know on a forum involving gentle garden folk.

Hey, check it out.

Sun is shinin' in the sky
There ain't a cloud in sight
It's stopped rainin' ev'rybody's in a play
And don't you know
It's a beautiful new day hey,hey.

Stop arguing....lifes too short.


Miss Becks

Exactly Verdun. What has gone on 'behind the scenes' is really nothing to do with me. I just built the site, and maintain it. Oh, and chat on it.

If everyone is squabbling between themselves privately, keep me out of it! I want a peaceful life.

Ok marshmello..... I love elo and that song. Point well made and good timing too
I guess this thread has run its course


Miss Becks

I'll get my coat now then Brumbull.


 Off out to spend the day at the park with my kids.


Oh for forks sake....

Miss Becks

Nice marshmello. I'm picking my eldest daughter up later. Haven't seen her since Jan.


Cool. Have a fab day, Miss Becks.