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Miss Becks

I'll be out in the garden as she will hijack my PC!!

Enjoy the park!!

I took my little one to feed the ducks and swans in the week, and it was bloomin freezin!!!!



Hijacked PC sounds familiar. And not just by my 9yr 2yr old is getting pretty good at it too. 

Miss Becks

Yeah, my 4 year old is quite computer savvy as well!!

Miss Becks

Thanks! All was going well til they chased her!!


Cor blimey this is heating up nicely

Where is my invite?

Hello everyone, haven't been on the GW sitefor quite a while, didnt think I could garden again so left the site. Had an accident afew years ago which left me with problems that were getting worse so thought I I would have to give up gardening.......saw my doctor this week and he has told me not to give up but take it easier so have slowed my gardening agenda down.
Am Happy now, Gardening is pure joy for me except for the aches, pains and discomfort I feel, but am thrilled now that I can continue.
Have missed being on this site. Best wishes to everyone and all newcomers, Barbara.

Welcome back Flower bird   There's several of us getting aches and pains, and several more of us trying to avoid them, so if you have any tips for Less Pain (or even painless ) Gardening  please share them with us 

Thanks dove, didnt realise how much I had missed this site. x

Right, I'm off outside to get on with planting those strawberries - expect my back to be aching shortly 


Hi Flowerbird. I have to pace myself these days, otherwise I would be crawling everywhere! Have to realise I am not 21 anymore and can't keep going for hours with no break.  Glorious day, so short break and back to tackle those pesky weeds.


GG and I are convinced we're still 27 - and only our backs dare say different 

Welcome back flowerbird, I feel what your saying dovefromabove & tinaturner. Even though I am 24 I am nearly 39 weeks pregnant & am having to tell myself to take more regular breaks.
But I am always find something else in the garden that needs pulling up or doing! Will be glad when this baby is here so I can go back to my old ways & just get on with it!

I do love my gardening also I hope everybody is making the most of this gorgeous sun some of us seem to be having especially down here in the south!
Pennine Petal

Barbara, welcome back, even when I can't garden and like to think about it. Nothing wrong with a bit of vicarious gardening either. There is always your knowledge to share too. Don't overdo it though, you have to look after your health. I would like a smiley with a pained expression for when I have done too much gardening.

Becks, I am not surprised that Jess is computer-savvy, when you are so good at it yourself.



Gloucestergirl - just you take it steady!!!!  

Looks like we're going to be 'aunties' 

My baby was 37 this week - she was born at the beginning of the amazing drought summer of 1976 - we don't want one of those again, but warm sunshine and gentle rain in equal measure would be good 

Pennine Petal

Ah Dove, what a great sumer that was. Smiley with sunglasses! I was a student in Birmingham, spent the spring term in the South of France to improve my French. 21 deg at midnight in June. Memories, humming to myself




I moved into my first 'proper' house and garden 6 weeks before my first daughter was born (I was slightly older than you Ggirl!) It was very hot that summer and she  kept me waiting till 4th July -Independence Day( sign of things to come!). I'm impressed that you're at that stage and still able to function but I know what you mean about weeds etc! Hope all goes well. 

My 'baby' turns 19 this year and younger one will be 16...I'm not old enough to have teenagers...honest!

I'm really only 27...


It was great wasn't it - I'd planted a some trees and a hedgerow early!  As there was a hosepipe ban I spent the entire summer carrying buckets of water from our bath to water them - no wonder I lost my post-baby bulge quickly 


We're all really only 27   except for those of us who are younger