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I bet Verdun never realised this would turn into a girlie thread.  What about those pesky whiskers on your chin.  Stubborn little critters aren't they.  Please don't say you don't know what I am talking about. 

Glad to see you stayed put Artjak.

And those girls up the back, yes, you Figrat, SS and Dove, behave yourselves.  No corrupting the young#

Oh, Hi Verdun, you joining in!


How lovely to be welcomed back, excuse me while I snivell.

Pennine Petal
I'm going to a girlie conference next weekend, always have a great time. Mix of business and pleasure, speakers and gossip. Always lots of laughter.
I have those little critters under my chin.....maybe I am turning into a!!!!!!

Re unwanted facial hair...try threading it's flipping brilliant! I've only ever had my eyebrows done but I will say it's more uncomfortable than painful, it's quicker than tweezers, doesn't irritate like wax etc and it lasts longer than anything else I've tried.  



Hmmm, if only all that needed seeing to was my eyebrows - I'm seriously thinking of getting a ride on mower.

Someone suggested weed killer before, might give it a go......
Pennine Petal
Artjak, just checked out your details. What sort of art is your passion? I would love to be able to draw or paint. I am rubbish, but I love writing.
Well there are some springy things with handles that you can get, google epilation threading or similar on Am***n, have a few of them lying around in strategic places for an emergency tweak. A degree of dexterity is required for monobrow issues, as there is the risk of tangling with eyelashes, which Would Not Be Good.
Oh and hi Artjak. This is a very serious gardening thread.
My hands shake terrible...think I could do some damage....ha ha

I believe that Artjak is now a Master Composter !!! 

Tina yep girls are taking over everywhere but you know what.....not doing a bad job.
Used to grow a beard every winter shave it off in the spring, get a tan and grow beard again next winter we all had tans, surfed and posed way back then. What a poser I was. Loved my sports cars, denim cap, hood own and pipe in my mouth. Trouble was I could never keep it alight. Wot a plonka! Great days though. So "pesky whiskers on my chin". .??
My niece says she will shave half of it off when I'm asleep...I'm not allowed to grow a beard now. ,wot am I? Man or mouse? I WILL grow it next year...

Back to age - FIL said that we never age over 29, so based onthat we can all have more birthdays in our 20's 



father in law


Is there still a job opportunity for a bearded lady?

Highland Jeannie

For lots of dark hair - laser. 

Got done about 10-12 years ago, expensive & painful (may be a different type now) but glad I got it done, especially underarms.  Sorry, getting a bit personal now!!