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Great to see that this is still going and not a word about gardening At least I am learning something

Threading...How Does it Work?

A cotton thread is pulled along unwanted hair in a twisting motion, to trap hair in a mini lasso, and lifts hair right out of the follicle.

I'm only 27 so of course it's only my eyebrows that need seeing to  but let me just say on-one has ever mini lassoed me! 

Yes dove, my girl friend has one

I ahve had electrolysis - really good but not easy to find practitioners, not hurt like wax either


When I had alapecia, didn't only lose head hair.  No, I'm not getting too personal. Take certain bits out of the equation.  However, did lose leg and all arm hair and it never grew back.  Saved pounds on creams and shavers.  Don't recommend it though.  Very distressing.


Evening joslow...welcome
Just been on the other threads...some technical stuff there. The girls have taken control here. maybe see you there?
Yes dove, my girl friend has one...beard that is
Verdun wrote (see)
Yes dove, my girl friend has one...beard that is

Bet she's pleased you've told us 


A very interesting thread

Now I know I am only 27 and of course I don't have any grey hairs - I just dye it because I like the colour

Pam LLx


Hello Lilylouise  -  very seriious gardening talk going on here 

Lilylouise ..being corny for mo. it's the,person INSIDE that counts. It's the sincerity, honesty, empathy and consideration for others that matters. I've seen beautiful people ravaged by cancer who, maybe were vain before, develop huge strength, wisdom and humility becoming people it was a privilege to have known.
Looks are not meant to last........ooooo, that got deep,didn't it? I'll get my coat

I am only 27 and still have  no grey hairs. My son who is older than me text once to say his girlfriend had found 2 grey hairs.I text back to say it was 2 more than me, and still is, no grey hairs

Did get asked once what i used to colour my hair, Nothing






Oh friendly gardening folk   all the unaccustomed exercise out there today has completely exhausted me - my muscles and tendons all feel slightly stretched, and I keep yawning - so now I'm going to doze on the sofa.  I'll see you all in the morning - sweet dreams all 

Pennine Petal
A nice hot bath with 3 drops of marjoram oil, 2 of lavender and 1 of rosemary good for tired muscles.

Sleep well Dove and good gardening dreams.


Natural redhead too then? We never get a ( natural) suntan, but plus side is we just fade to a very flattering silver, none of that badger stuff.
Pennine Petal
I have no grey hairs, been to the hairdressers today!

Must have a good six inches of grey showing now, every time I start saving up to go to the hairdressers, I find something garden related I NEED!  Really must get it done soon, as I have a landmark birthday at the end of the year, the midlife crisis one.  I doubt very much that OH will do anything about it, but just in case he does, I really need to get it done.  Top half badger, bottom half fox.  Surprised it's not started a fight with itself

marty where have you been?