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joslow wrote (see)

marty where have you been?


figrat wrote (see)
Don't worry about clematis, the guys can never find it.


I once sent my sister a birthday card along those lines-her husband didn't get it! 

Gardening Grandma

Martymower, I love your post! So very true. I wish I'd realised it years ago. The time I've wasted on people who were simply never going to be right for me - or I for them.

MMP, I am, of course, a natural blonde. Oh, no, is that a thundebolt from heaven I see approaching very fast??

A true cheapskate, I never go to the hairdresser. The most I ever spend is the cost of the bottle of golden hair elixir. That way, I get the plants as well.


Mmower- been there. Best to get out so that's what I did. Being on your own doesn't always mean the same as being lonely.

I've given up on the hairdresser for colour as well -too itchy. Just do it myself now.

Of course I don't have any grey as I'm only 27.......



Told my daughter - who always moans about short genes- she'll be grateful for my genes when her friends are grey and she isn't

I hate going to the hairdressers so only go every couple of months to get it cut - I colour it myself
Pam LL x
Gardening Grandma

Cut mine every 3 weeks, without the use of a mirror, usually. Looks lovely.


After reading about veet, I found the reviews page for veet for men on Amazon.

If you click this link please bare in mind that due to the nature of this product reviews are of a graphic and explicit nature using language which generally isn't used by the men on this forum. Well not to anybodys face anyway.  Do not read with a full bladder or if easily offended.

clemitis can be found next to the front door, where else.

My dear Mum had beautiful black hair in her younger days and. When she started to go grey she started to dye it black.when she was aged about 70 she decided not to dye it any more and went back to being a pretty shade of grey -only thing was she still pencilled her eyebrows black,bless her
Verdun -I agree with you that beauty comes from within - I have never considered myself to be beautiful but have been ravaged by cancer in the past 3 years.
Pam LL x
Gardening Grandma

Oh crumbs! Laugh of the decade! I frightened the dogs! in fact, I am still emitting strange, shrieking noises as I write, preventing true relaxation on their part. There isn't an emoticon to cover my feelings at this moment.

Thank you, thank you, Blackest! I am in your debt forever!

Oh Pam. Suddenly makes the hairy banter seem very superficial.
Figrat - touch wood -I have been clear for 21/2 years now but I did have to have really major surgery and learn how to live my new life - doesn't stop me gardening I didn't mean for the thread to get serious -sorry .
Pam LL x

Pam LL - A friend went through similar.  Just before they put her under for the op, they told her there was a 50/50 chance she wouldn't wake up.  She's now been clear for 10 years, and has two beautiful boys.  My daughter's second name is Maria, after her, and if she is half as smart, kind and beautiful she will be a lucky girl.  The record for survival after the op (they removed part of her oesophagus and most of her stomach) is 16 years, she's determined to beat it so she can see her boys grow up (one is 7, other is 4).  Hopefully once you've reached the magic 5 you can breathe a bit easier.

Bringing the subject down to my natural level, Crikey, Blackest, a bloke who knows where to find Clematis!


Don't be daft Pam. You shouldn't apologise.  It's kind of you to let us know what you have been through which makes all the hard work you put into your garden more admirable.  I hope you continue in good health.


Gardening Grandma

Pam, you must have posted at the same time as me! Your post is certainly not laugh of the century and you have my deepest sympathy. Glad you are feeling better and will be thinking about you and mentioning you before a certain heavenly being, having had a life threatening tumour myself.

Now, to ruin the tone and risk offending the more sensitive users of this forum, I recommend Blackest's link.



Oh bother, I've missed a whole evening of lovely hairy female chat. Was watching all the recorded stuff on Telly such as GW, Escape to the Country, while OH was out singing in a concert.

Verdun must feel the cold, he's always getting his coat

I use tweezers for whiskers and a razor for the rest. It's funny how when you get older hair grows in different places than it did before. Not much left under the arms - not that I'm complaining about that bit!

Pam, your garden is so lovely I never imagined you could have been so ill. How on earth did you manage?


You better get down on those knees GG.

MMP - I really hope your friend bar beaks the record

Thankyou Tina

GG - thankyou and I am glad you are well,too I haven't looked at the link - yet

Pam -even if we've not been through what you have- we can sympathise.

And we can count our blessings.