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Some comments lately by pm to me and on the forum suggest there is a private, invitation only club on this forum on one of the threads This is an open, public forum, everyone welcome and no cliques. GW forum is for anyone and everyone to post whatever they wish as long as the content is not offensive, defamatory or illegal. Over past couple of days I have noticed comments being made that are meant to spoil, disrupt and ridicule. If we have a breakaway club we will simply split the camaraderie and goodwill and friendship the forum has produced. Especially over recent weeks the forum has become "fun" as well as "educational"
Best if we don't make this into a long thread.
Simply think everyone should be aware

Well said!

What people wish to do elsewhere is their own business but should not be brought here - this is an open Forum run and owned by the Gardeners World magazine, not by any group or individual, no matter how long they've been posting here.  Everyone should feel welcome in all areas of the Board and should not be challenged as to their entitlement to post.

Gardens, gardeners and gardening should be what it's all about.

Hiya Brumbull,
It's a stubborn lurgy. Was we guys do...about how fit and how I don't get bugs, etc. brought it on myself. It's not serious just enough to make me feel uncomfortable.
Gardening Grandma

Hear, hear! This is a manipulative and selfish misuse of the forum and those invited to join would be wise not to respond. To do so is to contribute to division and exclusiveness.


Since am new to gardening joining this forum has been great more so for getting advice from experienced gardeners and having a bit of a laugh at some posts long may it continue for years to come thanks everyone.


Morning all. Enjoy the forum, ignore the crap. Works well for me


Verdun wrote (see)
Best if we don't make this into a long thread.
Simply think everyone should be aware

Agreed Verdun. Nut is right too, Sadly it's the way some people are these days. I feel sorry for them.

Like Andy,I've been made very welcome here.

Thanks everyone 


I would say that its a shame that there seem to be some members here who appear to delight in causing group dissruption, bad/negative feelings and so on. Anyone who has felt the need to use a different forum is clearly fed up with all of such comments and poor behaviour. 

Who has a private club and why have I not been invited

Miss Becks

Right, I'm going to set the record straight here.

There is no private club.

I, myself, got fed up of trolls, arguements and basically stupid threads being started on this website that had absolutely nothing to do with gardening. In fact, it is becoming more of a competition to see who is top dog. I'm still a newbie. I want to learn how to improve my garden. If I wanted loads of chat threads, I would use Facebook.

So I thought to myself, stuff this, I want somewhere to chat without all this crap, and learn about gardening. So that's just what I did.

I built a free website, added a forum, and asked people who I normally chat with, and have helped me in the past on here over, on a trial, to see if it would work.

This is not unusual. There are loads of gardening forums out there, and I know of many people who regularly contribute to many, as well as here.

So please, stop stirring, and just accept it for what it is. Just another place for gardening discussions.

It's not life changing. It doesn't affect this site whatsoever, and it is definately nothing to get all stirred up about.

I will probably get flak now as the 'black sheep', but to be honest, I don't care. I just wanted a hassle free learning site.

And I will still use this site just as much for advice if I see something that catches my eye.


There, truth is out. Do with it what you will.

Becks. x


Thanks for explaining Becks. In that case that is nothing to do with the GW forum. It's a different thing altogether. So everyone, let's just keep using this forum as we always do. People are all different so there are bound to be a few strange posts here from time to time but please don't let it spoil our enjoyment of this forum. It feels as though some of us here are becoming internet friends, which is nice. Verdun, stop worrying and be our friend here - we need your expertise! 


Pennine Petal

I go on to lots of differents forums connected to my work and my interests. It's the contributors who make the forum and GW will not change becasue there is another one out there.

Contribute, enjoy and be happy. Life is too short to be stressing about it.


I agree Pennine Petal, however since Becks has posted the above, I have just a little to add.  I had intended to keep what I knew to myself, but as the above is somewhat economical with the truth, here's what happened.

Hi, it's not quite as Becks has said - she and Geoff started a new forum - they asked me to join, Geoff said they were fed up with the disruption and led me to believe he meant the earlier Trolling and some of the technical issues - however, just to be sure I asked if it was open to all and asked specifically whether there was anyone (other than known trolls) who were not welcome as long as they behaved themselves.  I was promised  that there was not a list of persona non grata and on that basis I joined.

A couple of days later I was told that some people had used the term Forkers for their own threads and that this was 'their' term and people who had done this and people close to them were not welcome on the new Forum.  

I am not interested in joining a clique or what has been descrbed as 'a group of like-minded people' which is a phrase which has always raised my anxieties so I deleted my membership. 

Then Verdun was challenged on why he was posting on the Fork Handles thread!  That might explain why he's feeling a little 'got at'.

Geoff has been using the Private Message facility on this board to invite people to join his forum and this has caused some strange messages on Fork Handles.

I was not going to mention any of this, but as I said some pertinent truths have been omitted.

Now lets on with some grown up activity please 

Jean Genie

This is the first forum I've ever joined (me being a wimp ) but have to say as of late it seems to have become more of one of those social networking sites .

I appreciate that some people enjoy a bit of banter but have you seen just how many threads are on there now totally unrelated to gardening? I'm thinking of starting a Good Afternoon Forkers Thread. Why not ? We've got the Morning one and the Evening one.

We've already had a thread for general chitchat which anyone could join. It wasn't a clique, a club or for exclusive membership only - it was for everyone .

I for one cannot be bothered with the constant sniping and ridiculous threads that are being posted.  I agree with Glyn - lifes too short.

(And so's the gardening season. )


There is a Forum Topic heading "The potting shed ....
Venture into the potting shed for garden gossip, topical debate or idle chit-chat."

As such chat threads would seem to be valid.

No one is forced to post on them. 


Jean Genie - the new Forum is not open to all - Geoff made that very clear to me - that is why I left.

Jean Genie

Dove, I was referring to the Fork Handles thread on here  Not the other one.