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I have two containers of Penstemons that flowered prolifically the first year i had them they are now 3 years old - not many flowers last year and none this year - wondering if i prob just need to repot or put them in the ground?


Sara 4

Similar result, different problem - I have some penstemons  my Mum bought me from T&M as plug plants this year; they were very small and still are!  They are in best poss soil, have watered loads and the weather has been as we know.  There's no hope of getting a flower this year, they're only four or five inches tall now ....


I had the same plants from T&M Sara, out of 6 of them, 1 has flowers, didn't expect any flowers this year to be honest so they are a bonus.  Thought they would be too small to do much this year.

Sara 4

Hi Paula, sorry for late reply - I thought I might have done something wrong planting the plugs so I'm glad to hear that I'm not alone - mine are still only about six inches tall which is frankly disappointing as they weren't particularly cheap and Mum bought them as a present for me.

Penstemons are at their best in their first and second years then deteriorate.  So cuttings should be regularly taken


Penstemons are so much better in the ground, if watered and fed, pruned after flowering, just taking it down to where the flowers end, they should flower well next year, may need staking, brilliant plants.

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