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Not Gardener's World

A pale imitation of what should be gripping us all now, but isn't. For those who don't like snooker.

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Busy Bee2

Right, well I threatened this earlier, and here it is - not so much Gardener's World, but 'One gardener's world'.  An opportunity for all to learn from the mistakes of another.!

 Here we see what happens if you plant tomato seeds in a heated propagator in February, because you have no patience whatsoever - a nice display of leggy tomato plants.  (Note the tomato-world's very own Peter Crouch on the right).

 And here is the only way to save them it seems - plant out in a cold greenhouse in March and abandon (for much healthier looking plants).

 And here is a leggy chilli plant, already in flower

 And these straggly cucumbers show something else that can be achieved by planting much too early in a heated propagator and then having things go a bit stir crazy on a windowsill for weeks.

 A fuzzy cucumber!

 This photograph proves that you should always listen to your friends on this forum, because when I said I didn't know what to put in my greenhouse, someone suggested some early salad in a growbag, and hey presto - here it comes!

 And here is proof that Country Value sweetcorn seed will grow in a greenhouse, as will any Thomson and Morgan Speedy bean seeds that are two years out of date.  AND - miraculously, a sunflower seed that our foster son planted in a plastic cup at Beavers back in...  I can't remember exactly.  I watered if for weeks, for a laugh, and was on the point of throwing away when a (leggy) seedling popped up overnight. 

 Proof that if you plant your cosmos too early, it might flower before it's even safe to plant out.

 And evidence that an agapanthus can spend a long time going nowhere.

Busy Bee2

Oh no, half my post has gone missing cos it was too long....!

Busy Bee2

Try again....

 I'm really going to miss the tulips

, but the rosemary flowers are a really pretty shade.

 Proof that a hardy trachelospermum can look really healthy and bushy and glossy, without flowering much.  Am going to try the potash solution!

 When a hardy geranium gets this big, it is a good idea to divide it.  Next year perhaps!

 There are times when it really is a good idea to look out for the dwarf variety, as seen here with this out of control lavender.

Orchid Lady

Your Agapanthus looks just like mine!!   (All 3 of them) But mine are outside and not in the GH 

I've not got my laptop put but will see if I can dig out some pics 

Fab pics Bee 

Busy Bee2

And onwards...

 Last year's summer pruning has led to a shapelier apple tree, and more blossom - let's hope there won't be a late frost.

 I got so fed up with earthing up the potatoes this week, only to see them peeping out again the next morning, that I just shoved some plant pots and bricks over the shoots this afternoon, in case we get the long predicted frost (which on past experience, I suspect we only have a one percent chance of getting, but better safe than sorry.)

 And here we have plan B with the raised beds - side frames with polythene and a top frame with insect mesh.  I am hoping that the carrots et al inside will be protected from next door's cat, the wood pigeons, and carrot root fly.  I can dream, can't I!

 And here are the peas - the peas which were planted in toilet rolls in the greenhouse (to stop mice nicking them) then planted out with netting over them (to stop wood pigeons pulling them out) and (sorry) a few slug pellets for the snails (only caught two).  And yet still some little beggar is eating the blessed things.  Any information leading to the apprehension/thwarting of said criminal will be gratefully received....!


Orchid Lady

Make the most of the space in your garden, this was a trick I learnt from Busy Lizzie, a strawberry basket hanging from my apple tree.


For those that don't have a greenhouse, make use of a sunny windowsill.


 Always prepare your veg patch well, lots of BFB dug into this 'plot' a couple of months  ago ready for lovely veg.

 If your mower breaks, get a sheep!!!

 Can't have GW without a 'Nigel' 

 I'm going to miss my tulips too.

 A greenhouse is also great for essential supplies 

Busy Bee2

And finally, the grand project - onwards and upwards - pushing the boundaries etc.  Here is my firebreak border....

 If you want to know why I call it that, just look at the weeds next door.  They have no plans to do anything about them but I need to make a space between what is going on there and what I am trying to reclaim here.  So I have put down plastic, planted though it and covered in bark chippings.  When the shrubs are bigger and the weed roots beneath have got the message, it will be okay to remove the plastic, but for now, it is essential!!

 And finally a salutory lesson to anyone who thinks they would like more space.  Our garden is a memento mori, because even if I worked at it until the day I die, I know I will never get to the bottom (those willows are even further away than they look in this picture).  It has taken me hours and hours to carve out just a small space of new ground, from the nettle, dock and thistle laden paddock.  Still that leaves plenty for butterflies I guess!  Just keep swimming, just keep swimming...!


You have been Busy Bees! Love the sheep.

Busy Bee2

Oh Tracey - that's priceless!  I am loving the essential supplies.  Yesterday I toddled off to the greenhouse for a bit of pottering with a large glass of something.  First time - only tea and coffee up until then.  By the 'cocktail' hour, I am usually child wrangling and cooking the dinner, but OH did the tea yesterday, so I potted on   Do you really have a sheep?

Orchid Lady

Ha ha no Bee I don't, that was a little lamb at Grasmere last week, he was so cute and I love lambs   Do you like my 'Nigel'?

You have done really well Bee, it looks really good.

I would just like to point out that I don't always have wine in the GH, only when it's late evening on a Saturday and OH is out drinking with football friends 


and the weather . look out at the sky and smell the wind . its cold  tonight .cover plants .sunny sat and sun 

Busy Bee2

I do like your Nigel!!  Ready for action.  My pets are hard to see, and not much in evidence when the temperature is going down, but I will get a picture of them lurking about the hive, and Ib the pheasant wasn't around today, but maybe that means his babies are leaving the nest.  Saw an adolescent pheasant on the lawn earlier, but wouldn't have thought this year's brood would be that big yet.  Our lowest predicted is 2 degrees archiepem, which going by previous experience probably means we won't get it here, but nothing tender is out and uncovered anyway, so we should be okay.  Tracey, tomorrow night is your gardeners night in with the telly!!  I would like to watch the back catalogue of the allotment challenge as I haven't seen any of that.  But you have to book the big telly here and I can't get i-player on my bedroom portable. 

Orchid Lady

You're right Bee, tomorrow is my garden tele catch up  I have allotment challenge to catch up on too, I've only watched the first one.

Only forecast to get down to 5c here on the coast Archie, but will check my GH before bed.

I saw your Ib on another post the other day Bee, he is lovely  The other day I was stood for ages (with my camera) watching the bees on the apple tree, absolutely mesmerising 

Busy Bee2

Yes, they are rather fascinating when you spend time watching them.  At the moment they are taking an active interest in everything I get up to, which can be annoying, but most of the things I garden in are dark colours, so that means they think I'm a bear and are on their guard.  I should wear paler colours, but they make a person look fatter, so I rarely buy anything that isn't black or navy. 

Orchid Lady

Ha ha, you sound just like me so much Bee, I try not to wear colours that are too pale, although my sister wants me in a pale peach bridesmaid dress....eek!!

This is the first year I have actually noticed the smell from my apple tree, I don't know why I've never noticed before but the blossom smells lovely, it seems really strong at the moment.


Busy Bee2

Me neither - will have to give ours a sniff tomorrow - if I get a moment.  We are doing respite care for the day for two more foster children - so that's four in all .  Can't imagine I will be doing much in the garden, apart from keeping an eye on the trampoline.  Peach??? Oh dear, that is a very difficult colour to carry off.  I am eternally grateful that nobody asked me to be a bridesmaid after the age of about 7, as I much prefer to choose my own outfits.  Peach... could you get her to think again?


Orchid Lady

Nope, all invites and flowers chosen. It is pale peach though, not a 'bright' peach.  I am going looking at dresses tomorrow.  You foster children?  Good for you, that must be so rewarding 

Busy Bee2

Pale might be okay then.  Bright orangey peach was very popular in the eighties and nineties, and was one of those colours that didn't really suit the blondes, or the brunettes, or the red-heads or the ladies of colour.  Nice for the flowers I suppose.  My accent colour was copper.  Worked quite well.  Fostering is rewarding, but not always easy.  Ours are long term now, so kind of like they are part of the family .  Suits us well as they are settled, and I wouldn't like to keep going through the first few months over and over again with different children. 

Orchid Lady

That's good to hear Bee, there are so many children that need a loving stable family.

Definitely could not do bright, no no no, but then neither would my sister so that's ok 

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