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There are 1372 reviews about plants on my page. I did not post them. Obviously someone has the same name

 we've all got them Dessie. Just a glitch in the site. 

I only singed up three days ago and I have appraently viewed over 1200 plants. In reality I've viewed no plants. This may be a glich but to me there could be gliches with my personal details also. So I leaving.

It's not about technical glitches Tom.  It's about friendship, knowledge, fun, support and sharing.  Sorry you're leaving Tom.  If you change your mind you will be welcome 

star gaze lily

If you look through, everybody has the same flowers. I've not looked at those either.

As we've all said on the other thread, its great here, so many kind, helpful, friendly people. I'm so very glad I joined


Very strange! Why hasn't it been corrected if it's just a glitch? Must admit it makes me feel a bit uncomfortable, but I see that if I click on a review on my page it is attributed to someone else. Should get sorted though!

It's a free website. Probably not the most,up to date technically but for me it doesn't affect the forum qualities.

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