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I have an oak tree in a pot which my daughter grew from an acorn (she died ten years ago aged 19) it is now about 3' tall from base of pot.  Approx 3/4 weeks ago all the leaves fell off, most of the bark has got black mould type stuff on it but on newer growth (approx 4" on end of each branch) there appears to be new buds. We guess the tree to be about 17/18 years old and luckily we do have a new tree grown from an acorn which fell from this tree.

This tree looks like a large bonsai and as you would imagine is very precious to us can anyone help me please?

So sorry to hear about your daughter. What a tragedy.

The best thing you can do is send a photo and someone might be able to take it from there.


Did it get too dry? That could cause premature leaf fall.

 The blackmould does not sound good though. I would spray with a fungicide, such as one sold for blackspot on roses.


I have an oak tree in a pot, around 10 years old, it is 12 - 15 foot high now. I would expect yours to be taller than 3 foot now, is it in a good, very large pot?  It may just need more space - think how big oak trees are, and then imagine what size root space they must need. I also would just suggest you check the roots are not waterlogged - something they really do not like at all I have found.  I dig each years top dressing of grit into the compost after I have removed the top few inches as far as I can, I then top dress with new JI3, well mixed with vermicuite, then top off with new coarse grit.  So far, so good.  I'm not keen on sprays, if you don't want to use one you could try washing the trunk with a solution of garden disinfectant, often useful for molds if that is what the cause is.  Leaf fall is probably due to stress, either wet or dry, or too small a space, or over heated or chilled - nothing with which it can deal itself as it lives in a pot and you must be all things for it.

 We grow many, many things in pots, and they all need alot of attention because of their difficut situations from the plants point of view. Hope it does well for you.

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