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Soon doing hanging baskets can I use old compost and put feed in it

I mix mine 50-50 with new never had a problem as long as you feed them. Check old compost for vine weevil before using.

Jimmy Crawford

I usually just bung it on the compost heap better safe than sorry.

Thanks all I'll have to think about it
Blue Onion

The plants/flowers in the hanging baskets need all the nutrients and quality goodness that fresh compost can provide.  I would put the used soil around other plants in ground or onto your veg bed, and repot the baskets with new compost.  More flowers, healthier plants, better water retention, less disease and issues, etc.  



I know I'm going to ruffle a few feathers by saying this, but I've got a tub out there that hasn't had a change of compost for maybe 8 years or more. It has a 3ft plus foxglove, wild aquilegia and self set fringe cup growing quite happily in it. I'm not advocating using the same compost year after year but nevertheless, its true 

hollie hock

I'd mix it with a bit of the new stuff, I always like to try and eeek out my compost.

I've got a similar planter Fishy, sometimes the self sown things work the best

Thanks fishy65 and hh all I'll have to think about it

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