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Hello all,

I'm new, so if this is somewhere already asked, please don't be cross then. The reason why I came up with this thread is that whilst clearing some stuff on my attic, I came across a few Gardeners world videos. There was even a few of the late Geoff Hamilton. So as he actually gave me the love for gardening, I wonder whether there are still people having vids from his period. He was the one who said 'plants are for free' and showed how to propagate plants as for instance carnation. He bought some for his wife, kept half of them and propagated them. These are the things I'm looking for. Anyone who can help ?

hollie hock

Hello Harald,

I'm sure there's a lot of  this around - check out any local charity shops  and carboot sales- although I don't remember him, I do know about him. I come across a lot of his books in charity shops. Videos are very cheap in charity shops & bootsales right now, as the world is now at DVD, MP3 and beyond.

A quick look on ebay might be worthwhile for the videos.

I'm sure you'll find some interesting stuff on youtube.


Hello Hollie-Hock,

Thanks for the reply. Problem is that I live in Belgium, so it isn't easy to get bootsales in Great Brittain. I already looked on Amazon, but there isn't what I was looking for. It is mainly about those little things he said during a session. Though his videos about the gardens are interesting, they are made to look at other gardens and try to make out what you want for yourself in your own garden.

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