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You can layer the bulbs instead of putting them in regimental rows. The larger bulbs need planting deeper than the small bulbs anyway


hard to tell from a photo but some of those do look a bit shallow.

I think you'd do better planting in groups. if they all flowered at the same time your rows would have a great impact, but they won't all flower at the same time so the impact will be less


Nice trench. were you in the tank corps?  or REME. My dad was in the REME, and my Grandad was a  RSM in REME during WW2. They both like  (or liked) wide straight paths, and things planted in straight lines.  No floppy shrubs. My mums floppy shrubs got pruned into a hedge while she was out shopping, cutting off all the flower buds off the lavatera and philadelphus.My dads currently on a mission to concrete or slab over as much lawn as possible.


I thought that was the idea Charlie, spring flowering bulbs, flower in spring, sounds right.

They're very advanced aren't they, not just the ones in flower


I think this wet, warm October is  affecting lots of things. I have teasels, with the seeds in the head germinating on the plant. Sweet pea pods still on the sticks with the seed germinating.  I havn't got any daffs in flower yet though.



Think someone forgot to tell these little polyanthus I've got put aside too!



I think Charlie, you'll be aware now why the advice is to plant in naturalistic clumps rather than straight lines!

Straight lines are for the vegetable garden, to make hoeing easier.

But, my, they're putting on a brave show.


Lovely pictures Charlie.   Very interesting to see your flower bed from start to finish.  I like the straight rows, they look good from the front .  I can see a lot of planning and work went into that Charlie. 

Must have missed this thread before, lovely to see it from the start, if you like straight lines, then you carry on with them , i struggle to do a straight line even with a string guide! The pictures of the flowers are really lovely, well done

I missed it too. Love seeing 'before and after' shots - they're looking lovely!


Nice pics CN

A couple of my hyacinths were blown over in the wind yesterday - they are making my kitchen smell lovely today 

Lovely flowers, like seeing before and afters.

hollie hock

Remember seeing this at the planting stage, looking good. Reminder to me that planting Spring bulbs is so worth it

Victoria Sponge

I can almost smell those hyacinths by looking at them love them 

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