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Oops I'm in the dog house.

Yep I broke my spade yesterday so I when to garden centre and bought a new one £28.00 but I did get a free hoe.

I'm I the only one that gets into trouble for spending money on the garden ??


I need a new excuse than sweetie I'm decorating a extension of our living room as I/we spend so much time in the garden 



It could be that the spade was faulty, not your fault!

If less than 12 months old you will get a free replacement.  

At least,you got something free James...hoe, hoe, hoe.......I'll get my coat 


Fit a dimmer switch to lights in the extension & buy flowers / chocs for your good lady.


I like the extension excuse! Only prob for me would be that I'm the only one that spends anytime in our garden. 

I get rolled eyes when I get home with something new for the garden, be it a plant or a tool. At least you replaced something that was broken, and got something free! 



Why did the spade break? If the soil is clay then use a fork to break it up, not a spade...I have lost 3 spades with my soil whilst the forks are all still going strong.


I am always getting in trouble for spending money on the 'stupid garden'! Too many plants, compost, mulch, feeds, tools, heater for greenhouse etc. Yet there are complaints when something does not look right - gardeners cannot win.


I'm in the lucky position that I buy what I want. But H has come to realise the impact that a new plant purchased or an improvement in the garden brings to his life.

I'm chief cook & H is bottle washer so a job well done in the garden results in a pasta meal, something I'm not overly keen on.

I don't get into any trouble as my garden is also a mini business enterprise and so self sustaining!  It's my funds and I get what I need and like! Maybe because Mrs K has her own hobby which I don't complain about helps too!

The potty gardener

Well I have no one to is that a good thing


Dunno Potty but you don't have to eat pasta.

Sarahs garden

I buy plants in the sale and swap cuttings to keep the cost down but if I do really want something for the garden, I'll get it and hang the cost!

I seem to be spending a lot on bird seeds at the moment and getting a great deal of pleasure out of watching little flurry's of sparrows dart around the garden.

Sarah I know what you mean - I must have every bird in the neighbourhood visiting and its costing a small mortgage but so worth it to know I am helping keep the odd endangered species going.  My property is near a marsh area so I get such a wonderful variety that it is an expenditure I don't mind, but I also spend far too much on my garden, usually end up giving the plants away after a season as I realise they will never be happy there.  A lot of it seems to come under the heading of "it seemed a good idea at the time".   One day I will win the lottery and get a landscaper in to do it right!


As far as tools go I just stick with the mantra - they don't make em like they used to!




the new spade is really quite nice used it to day what a difference a good spade makes, my old one was a boarder one so quite small. new spade is full size.


I cooked some brownies on Wednesday so I'm out of the dog house


I have been known to sneak plants in under cover of darkness and declare "that old thing? Its been there years!!" My friends use the same ploy for clothes/shoes/bags - so why not plants ??? To compensate i very rarely buy clothes/shoes/bags so i think we are probably quids in !

DavidK I'm impressed, looks like plenty of life in them yet, especially with your TLC.




David what oil do you use for the handles i read somewhere to use veg oil but i didnt think that could be right


Lovely to see you are still here tea drinker. Who spilt coffee over the keyboard? You? My OH split a glass of sparkling wine in his laptop the other day. Disaster! But it recovered enough for him to do a back up tht evening. It was dead in the morning.


Hi Busy-Lizzie,

Tell the OH to put the laptop into a big container of rice for a week.  Not guaranteed to work but you'd be surprised how many sodden laptops, tablets and phones I've 'repaired' for people by this simple method